Product Comparisons

Want to see how we stack up against the competition? So did we! That's why we've created a comparison chart to highlight where we shine. Are we biased? Yep. But give the Furna vaporizer a try and you might be too.

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Works with dry herb

Of course they work with dry herb. This is table stakes, right? Not always. These four vaporizers happen to work very well with dry herb, but there are many that don't. The Furna, PAX 3 and Crafty+ all use high quality stainless steel for their ovens and the IQ2 uses a ceramic oven, but they all work exceptionally well. 

Works with concentrates

Working with concentrates is one of Furna’s strengths. We're not going to take on the massive dab rigs, but our oven is a ceramic plate heater with a glass bowl. The concentrates sit right on the ceramic plate, meaning super fast vaporization. The PAX 3 and IQ2 use an aluminium and ceramic insert, but neither has the direct contact most people look for in a portable concentrate vaporizer. 

Sessions per charge

A lot goes into battery life. A similar battery can go a long way in one vaporizer but comes up short in another. We optimized the life of the battery in the Furna to keep up with you while you’re on the go, delivering more sessions than the PAX 3, IQ2, and Crafty+. That said, we still strongly recommend keeping your battery topped up for peak performance. 

Protected mouthpiece

We don't just fold down the mouthpiece to keep it from breaking. Furna allows you to flip the entire oven over and pop in back into the vaporizer to protect it from lint and debris, or from anything else touching it while it’s in your pocket, bag, or purse.

Instant session swap

One oven not cutting it? Need to swap strains? If you've got your ovens pre-packed, switch things up in seconds. Pop out one oven and pop in the next. And if you didn’t pack ahead of time, no worries. The insulated ovens protect your fingers from the heat, so you don’t have to wait for them to cool down before you repack.

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Oven customization

We get that the whole oven concept is new. But the great thing about separate, swappable ovens is that it offers more choice and flexibility. You can customize the oven symbol on the vaporizer and the colour of the nib on the mouthpiece to easily keep track of strains, which ovens have been used, and which ovens belong to friends. Add a splash of colour and a personal stamp to your ovens, and enjoy some variety.