Pax 3 vs Furna

Furna versus PAX

There are a few high-end vaporizers on the market that deliver a great vaping experience but they’re not all the same. Let’s take a look at the latest vaporizer from PAX, one of the most popular brands on the market, and how it stacks up to Furna in three key areas: versatility, customization, and usability. 

How do they stack up? 


With a dry herb oven capacity of 0.35 grams, the Pax 3 provides ample room for your favorite strains. For smaller sessions, you need to pack less product and use the half-pack oven lid instead of the standard one. It’s also compatible with concentrates if you have the extra insert, which comes with the Complete Kit or can be purchased separately for about $50.

Just make sure you never pack the oven when the power is on or when the oven is hot. Pax recommends that you wait at least 10 minutes for the oven to cool down before your next session.

The Furna oven holds 0.25 grams, but the ease of swapping ovens means you’re never left wanting more. Unlike the Pax 3, Furna offers dual-purpose ovens for both dry herbs and concentrates that are easily interchangeable. You can switch between dry herbs and concentrates without a mess, without having to wait for the oven to cool down, and without having to repack – just a quick swap and you’re ready to go.

The Furna ovens also have a push-and-twist top for added safety and are insulated for heat protection. This means you can remove the oven without burning your fingers and immediately replace it with another, pre-packed oven.

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When it comes to accessories, Furna is equipped with all the essentials. Everything you need to enjoy multiple sessions without interruption, and tools to make packing and cleaning easy for fresh-tasting vapes every time. But you can always expand and customize your Furna toolkit by adding individual components, like more ovens, carriers, and colored mouthpiece nibs to suit your preferences.


The PAX 3 gives you a choice between a flat mouthpiece or a raised one. There are several aftermarket or DIY solutions to cap the mouthpiece to protect it from lint or dust but nothing comes with the device. To switch between the mouthpieces, you’ll need to pop them out using the multi-tool, which can be used to pack your oven as well.

The Furna has protected mouthpieces that eliminate the need for additional lids to carry or store. When you’re finished with a session, push the bottom of the vaporizer up to pop the oven out, flip it around, and drop it back in. Your mouthpiece is now protected from lint or dust while in your pocket or purse – no lid required.

Customization is key 

Display and Settings

The PAX 3 has a simple design: four petals indicate temperature and battery levels. The number of petals that are lit and their color show you what you need to know. It's up to you to memorize what each color and pattern represents.

When it comes to temperature, the PAX 3 allows you to set it and forget it. But if you want to adjust the temperature to something specific, you’ll have to make changes through their app and try to remember the temperature settings assigned to each petal. Once the temperatures are programmed, you can cycle through them by pressing on the mouthpiece.

Android users can download the app to manage settings but if you use an iPhone, you’re out of luck. Apple has banned the app, so you’ll need set up your preferences on the PAX website.

In contrast, Furna doesn’t require an app to set preferences so you don’t need to rely on your phone, or even an Internet connection. Everything can be done on the smart digital display that flips automatically to suit both left and right-handed users. It displays battery levels and offers a variety of options, such as real-time temperature adjustments and the ability to digitally stamp ovens.

Temperatures are an important part of the experience. With Furna, you can change the temperature for dry herb ovens in 5-degree increments at any point in the session, so you can control the effects based on the strain. For concentrate ovens you can set a warming temperature (High, Medium, Low, Off) and a wattage in 1 W increments from 5 – 20 W.

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Higher temperatures provide more vapor and more THC, resulting in a more intense experience. Lower temperatures provide more flavor, allowing you to taste the profiles of the herbs.

You can assign a unique symbol to each oven that appears on the display when you pop it into the vaporizer. This helps to easily keep track of strains or which oven is yours if you’re sharing the Furna. Colored mouthpiece nibs also provide a bright, visual distinction between ovens.

Usability at the core 


The PAX 3 is compact, comes in a variety of colors, and has a visual indicator that represents multiple functions. Its design provides a simple interface but the trade-off is a lack of precision, cooling wait times, and more cleaning effort on your part. Once the PAX 3 has reached the pre-set temperature, it will vibrate to let you know it’s ready.

The Furna vaporizer is designed to create a seamless, enjoyable experience at every stage. From packing, to swapping, to cleaning, it’s efficient and easy to use. The Furna will vibrate when it reaches the desired temperature and leads the pack when it comes to sessions per charge and battery life.


With the PAX 3, you can expect 8-10 sessions with each charge. To preserve battery life, it will automatically power off after three minutes of inactivity.

Moving the vaporizer will show you the battery level, with each petal representing a 25% charge. To charge PAX 3, use the USB cable to plug it into your laptop.

Furna, on the other hand, provides 15-20 sessions before you need to charge the vaporizer, and the isolated air path and cooling coil make every pull clean and smooth.

And the digital display shows you how much power is left before each session with a shake of the wrist, so you’re never left guessing.


Cleaning the PAX 3 takes some extra effort. For a deep clean, you’ll need to use a pipe cleaner to scrub the vapor path in the body of the vaporizer. The other pieces all pop out and can be cleaned with isopropanol. Because the vapor is drawn up through the body, the residue can build up and have to be removed from the oven and vapor path.

As for the Furna, cleaning is a breeze. Every part is easily accessible so anything that impacts airflow, like the mouthpieces, nibs, cooling coils, and screens can be dropped into isopropanol. And you can use the cleaning brush that comes with the vaporizer to clean out the oven. There’s no need to ever clean the vaporizer itself.

If you vape occasionally or on a regular basis, the Furna comes out ahead of the PAX 3 with a superior overall experience. Give it a try.



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