Meet the world’s first vaporizer with swappable, pre-loadable ovens

Furna Vaporizers

Ovens give you Options

Furna is the only vaporizer designed with interchangeable ovens for dry herb and concentrate products. It’s faster and easier to prepare, swap or share so you can focus on the fun in front of you. 

Pack Early

No more prep under pressure. With separate, color-coded nibs for as many products as you need, you can pre-load for all your plans before you leave. The ovens flip in the vaporizer when you're not using them, keeping them protected for a night out or an entire weekend away.

Swap Quick

Don’t waste your time, or anyone else’s. You can change ovens instantly between sessions, with a discrete carrier for alternate products. Separate mouthpieces, all protected from pocket life. Just swap and share the experience easily depending on the moment and the mood.

 Clean Easy

No hassle, and even less mess. That really sums it up. Cleaning’s easy with our multi-tool and a proprietary design that includes easy-to-access parts.

"This is Awesome"

- Jordan Brooks, @CannadaBrands

We gave a few people a sneak peak of the Furna Vaporizer and were overwhelmed with the positive reactions.  Check out Jordan from @CannadaBrands first reactions! 

On Sale Now

Order today and save 20%! The full vaporizer package includes two dry herb ovens with a complete set of cleaning and packing tools. The Furna Vaporizer and accessories ship December 7.


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