Furna's dry herb oven with a food grade stainless steel bowl.  Easy to pack and swap in less than a second.

Dry Herb Oven

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Need more to take with you? Grab another Furna Dry Herb Oven. The oven is made out of high-quality food grade stainless steel and is perfect for all of your dry herb needs. The unique push and twist top will keep your herb safe and the replaceable colored nibs make it quick and easy to identify each oven. Track the type of herb in each to create variety through the day or keep track of which ovens are freshly packed or already spent.

The unique ceramic cooling coil keeps the vapor at a great temperature, and the whole mouthpiece easily disassembles for easy cleaning. 

Pre-pack the ovens to switch sessions instantly and stop messing to packing ground dry herb on the go. Packing for a trip or on the go?  Don’t forget to grab a carry case for a perfectly portable experience.