Crafty+ vs Furna

Crafty+ versus Furna

Storz and Bickel’s Crafty+ is one of their smaller vaporizers but it still offers big, dense vapors. Let’s take a look at how it stacks up to the Furna vaporizer in the overall categories of quality and usability.



The Crafty+ is made from food-grade, heat-resistant plastic that has passed safety protocols. Some people find that it tastes like plastic when you first start using it. To avoid the awful taste, fill the bowl with a small amount of herbs, then set the vaporizer to the highest temperature and leave it on for 20 minutes. Take a few draws and blow it out immediately – do not inhale the vapor. After that, your next vape sessions should taste fine.

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The Furna vaporizer is made from ceramic and stainless steel to create a device that’s both durable and light. It’s less bulky than the Crafty+ and fits comfortably in your hand. 

Furna’s individual, swappable ovens have an isolated air path and cooling coil that ensure vapor doesn’t come into contact with any electronics or other materials. Each session tastes clean, allowing you to enjoy the natural aromas of your herbs.

Sessions and Charging Time

When it comes to battery life, you’ll spend more time charging the Crafty+ than using it. The vaporizer lasts about 60 minutes or 4-6 sessions, and requires a charge time of about two hours. The battery will degrade with time and use, and will need to be replaced by Storz and Bickel for about $75. To help conserve the battery, the vaporizer will automatically shut off after one minute of inactivity. You just need to press the power button to turn it on again, but this can quickly become annoying.

Crafty and Furna Powered On
With Furna, you can enjoy 15-20 sessions per charge. If you need to take a break, the vaporizer will go into Idle mode to conserve the battery. Just pick it up and it will power up again to the desired temperature in seconds, buzzing when it’s ready. Charging takes half the time than the Crafty+, with the Furna reaching full charge in about an hour.



The Crafty+ comes with a Dosing Capsule that holds about 0.1 grams. You can pack this capsule ahead of time and drop it into the bowl when you’re ready. It’s durable and helps keep the bowl clean but it’s small, so you might find it tricky to handle. It can be especially difficult to pry the top off; you’ll have to use your fingernail or another sharp object when you’re cleaning it out. Alternatively, you can pack the herbs directly into the oven which holds 0.3 grams. If you don’t want to pack a full bowl, you’ll need to use the Drip Pad to fill in the extra space.

Craft and Furna Packing

When packing herbs directly into the oven of the Crafty+, you’ll likely get some stuck in the small crevices of the plastic. To help keep things neat and speed up packing time, you can purchase a Side Kit that comes with a Filling Aid. Screw the Filling Aid onto the top of the vaporizer, remove the lid and the plug, then funnel the herbs into the bowl. And yes, it’s as clunky as it sounds.   

Furna, on the other hand, has individual, dual-purpose ovens that can be used for both dry herbs and concentrates. They’re insulated so they never get too hot to touch (unlike the Crafty+ Dosing Capsules), making it easy to swap ovens as soon as a session is done – no cooling wait times required.

The ovens are larger than the Crafty+ Dosing Capsules, holding 0.25 grams, and use a push-and-twist top to secure the herbs for added safety. They’re also much easier to handle than the tiny Dosage Capsules.

The Furna vaporizer is discreet and fits in the palm of your hand. The small mouthpiece is attached to the oven which protects it from lint and dust. When you’re finished with a session, just pop the oven out, flip it around, and slide it back into the vaporizer. It’s that simple. And the funnel accessory that comes with the Furna always makes packing quick with less mess.

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Temperature Settings

The Crafty+ is slow to heat up, taking over a minute to reach the preset temperature. And with a mouthpiece that sticks up, vaping isn’t discreet. So if you’re looking to duck out for a few quick and inconspicuous pulls, the Crafty+ comes up short.

If you’re not worried about being discreet, the Crafty+ offers some big vapors but it also means that there will be more smell. Out of the box, the vaporizer temperature is set to 356ᵒF which will produce some big hits. If you have a high tolerance, you’ll enjoy this.

But if you'd like to adjust temperature settings, you'll need to use the Crafty+ app. The app allows you to change the temperature by 1-degree increments and you can program up to three preset temperatures.

The great thing about Furna is that you can adjust temperatures on the fly using the smart, digital display. If you enjoy billowy vapors, just turn it up (you can go as high as 419ᵒF) and in seconds you’re getting big hits. If you want to savor the taste of the herbs and have a less intense experience, turn the temperature down. In short, you can customize sessions according to the different strains you have packed in the ovens.

The digital screen on the Furna has multiple settings that adjust to your preferences. In addition to temperature, you can customize the ovens with digital symbols that make it easy to tell them apart. This innovative feature not only helps you keep track of different strains, it also allows you to assign ovens to different people so you can avoid sharing mouthpieces – offering a much cleaner and safer way to enjoy a session with friends.

What’s more, the screen displays battery levels, can be set to different languages, offers various brightness levels to suit the time of day, flips around automatically for right or left-handed use, and more.

Furna InboxCrafty Inbox


There are a lot of little pieces that need to be disassembled to clean the Crafty+. To minimize the need for deep cleans, regularly brush out the bowl and the screen at the bottom of the bowl, then use a Q-tip with isopropanol to remove any resin. This will help keep the vapor tasting fresh. Just make sure that you don’t turn the Crafty+ upside down when you’re cleaning the oven – isopropanol shouldn’t drip into the heating element.

If you need a deep clean, read the instruction manual first to ensure that you’re taking it apart and reassembling all the pieces correctly. Chapter 7 is dedicated to cleaning, complete with diagrams and warnings. Pay attention to the details so that your Crafty+ is working properly once you put it back together.

Crafty+ Cleaning
In contrast, keeping your Furna vaporizer clean is quick and easy. Just use the multi-tool to separate the screen, cooling coil, mouthpiece nib, and mouthpiece, and drop them all into isopropanol. Then use the brush to clean the inside of the oven. That’s all you need to do.

Furna Cleaning

Furna’s vaporizer is built with every type of user in mind and comes out ahead of the Crafty+ in both quality and usability. The Crafty+ packs a punch when it comes to big vapors, but the trade-offs are long heat-up times and a short battery life. Furna offers the same hits with loads of customizable features, no wait times, and power that allows you to rack up the sessions. Check it out for yourself.

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