DaVinci IQ2 vs Furna

DaVinci’s latest vaporizer, the IQ2, offers some useful features for those who need to be precise about dosages. But let’s take a look at the overall experience and how it compares to Furna when it comes to versatility, customization, and usability.

How versatile are they? 


The DaVinci IQ2 has a large oven that holds 0.5 grams and can be used for both dry herbs and concentrates. It also comes with a single, smaller dosage pod that holds 0.2 grams and can be packed ahead of time for when you’re on the go.

If you enjoy extracts, the oven will likely get some residue buildup and become sticky. To avoid the extra cleaning, use the dosage pod to help contain the extract for less mess. Just make sure you remove it shortly after the session with the pick tool — it will be hot. If you leave the dosage pod in for too long, it will stick to the inside of the oven as it cools and you might need to heat up the vaporizer again to pull it out.

Furna offers both dry herb and concentrate ovens that are easily removable and interchangeable. They hold 0.25 grams and can be prepacked to enjoy whenever it’s convenient. The ovens are completely enclosed and insulated to prevent sticking to the inside of the vaporizer or burning your skin when you’re swapping them. They also have a push-and-twist top for added safety. With Furna, you don't have to rush to remove an oven after a session, nor are there any hot surfaces to deal with. 


The IQ2 gives you a choice between a flat mouthpiece or the 10 mm mouthpiece adapter. The adapter length provides more time for the vapor to cool but the tradeoff is a vaporizer that isn't pocketable. The IQ2 doesn’t come with mouthpiece protectors but you can buy a carrying case for about $15 to prevent any lint or dust from getting into it.

In contrast, Furna has mouthpieces that attach to the ovens directly for increased protection and portability. The compact design means you don’t need a carrying case or lid to protect the vaporizer and mouthpieces from lint and dust. When you’re finished with a session, simply pop the oven out, flip it around, and slide it back into the vaporizer.

Want to customize your experience? 

Vaporizer Display

The vertical-only display of the IQ2 uses an oven icon to show you battery levels. The display also allows you to set the IQ2 to a specific temperature or choose one of the programmed Smart Path temperatures.

Furna’s digital screen flips automatically to suit both left and right-handed users. It displays battery levels in percentages and offers a variety of options, such as real-time temperature adjustments and programmable ovens.

Temperature Settings

The IQ2 comes with four, predetermined temperature levels called Smart Paths. After choosing the level, the temperature will gradually increase over an 8-minute session. The Smart Path temperatures can be customized on the DaVinci app for Android users. Unfortunately, iPhone users can’t take advantage of this feature because Apple has banned the app.

The Furna vaporizer heats up to the desired temperature in seconds and can be changed on the display at any point in the session to offer more control over the effects of the strain. This means you can use a lower temperature to taste the natural flavors of the herbs and experience a more vibrant effect, or switch to a higher temperature to get more vapor and a more intense effect.

Extra Features

The IQ2 comes with a Flavor Chamber that can be packed with herbs or spices to infuse your vapor with some extra aroma. You can experiment with flavors to find a unique combination. You can also experiment with the air flow of each pull by adjusting the dial at the bottom of the IQ2. Although, if you have a tightly packed oven, every pull will feel constrained so this feature is a nice touch but not completely functional.

A unique feature of Furna is the ability to customize ovens with digital symbols. The symbol appears when you insert the oven into the vaporizer, helping you distinguish between strains and which ovens have been used. Customizing ovens also offers a hygienic alternative when sharing the vaporizer, ensuring everyone is using their own mouthpiece.

Okay, but how do I use them? 


The IQ2 has some extra bells and whistles that can complicate things for the average user, so it’s best to read the 60-page owner’s manual if you want to take advantage of all the features. For example, it can calculate the THC and CBD levels of strains so you can be precise about your dosage. This is a great feature if you’re using the vaporizer for medical purposes but it’s not very intuitive to set up.

The Furna vaporizer is intuitive, efficient, easily customizable, and lighter than the IQ2. The isolated air path and cooling coil are built into individual ovens, providing a clean and cool experience. And the funnel accessory that comes with the vaporizer helps you pack quickly and with less mess.

Sessions and Charging Times

The IQ2 comes with a removeable, rechargeable 18650 battery that provides 6-9 sessions, or about an hour of use. The vaporizer will buzz when you have 10% battery left and charging time for the IQ2 can take up to a whopping 6 hours. The other option is to buy an external battery charger (sold separately) which could take less time to charge the battery.

Furna gives you more sessions than the IQ2. The vaporizer reaches the desired temperature quickly and will buzz when it’s ready. It will also display a battery level before each session, so you’ll never wonder if there’s enough power to finish. But the biggest difference between the IQ2 and Furna is that Furna gives you 15-20 sessions and takes less than half the time to charge. This is a huge difference that offers a superior user experience.


The IQ2 has a few pieces that need to be unscrewed and separated for a deep clean, in addition to some narrow edges that will require a careful hand. For best results, clean the IQ2 when it’s warm to loosen some of the resin that can build up in the bowl area. Be careful not to scratch the inside of the oven as you’re scraping along the edges to remove the build up.

The Pearl spacer can be unscrewed and dropped into isopropanol, as well as the gaskets and mouthpieces. Make sure that everything is dry, then perform a Burn Off Cycle to eliminate any residual smell before the next session.

Cleaning the Furna vaporizer is much easier and straight forward. Because the ovens are removable, you only have a few parts to clean. Use a single push of the multi-tool to pop out the screens, cooling coil, and mouthpiece nib, then drop them into isopropanol along with the mouthpiece. Dip the brush into the isopropanol and clean the inside of the oven. And that’s it – a deep clean every time. 

Our Conclusion

The IQ2 is a great product, but for us, the interchangeable ovens and cleaning convenience pushed the Furna vaporizer ahead. If you’re looking for a vaporizer that puts your experience front and center, Furna offers unparalleled usage times, portability, and flexibility. Spend less time cleaning and charging your vaporizer and more time enjoying it  get Furna.

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