How to Vaporize Cannabis with CBD

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If you’ve heard about the benefits of vaporizing cannabis as compared with traditional combustion methods (aka smoking), you might be curious: can you vaporize CBD-only cannabis as well? The short answer is yes, absolutely! Dry herb vaporizers are designed for use with all cannabis flower, whether it’s THC-dominant, a strain that’s balanced 50/50, or a CBD-only strain.

Which is great! This means that even if you prefer a purely CBD session, you’re still able to take advantage of the many benefits vaping can offer. It’s healthier for your lungs compared with smoking, is more efficient (and cost-effective) with your herb, and even allows the flavour to come through more clearly for maximum taste. What’s more, you can easily save vaporized herb (also known as ABV herb) for re-use in a number of ways.

Still, there are a few things to pay attention to if you want to get the most from your CBD-only sessions. You’ll want a dry herb vaporizer that delivers precise temperature control, and you’ll want to make sure you grind and load your herb correctly to deliver the most possible beneficial effects. And for your own convenience, you’ll probably also want your vape to be portable, deliver long battery life and short charge times, and be easy to maintain.

Furna gets top marks in all these categories, and is worth checking out if you’re looking for a versatile dry herb vape that is perfect for vaping all cannabis strains, including CBD-only strains. It also features a unique oven-swapping system, which makes it easier and more convenient than ever to reload a bowl, keep track of your various strains, and even supports vaporizing cannabis concentrates without the need for messy inserts or dealing with hot parts.

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the cannabinoid chemical compounds that is found naturally in cannabis. THC, the most famous of the cannabinoids, is the one with euphoric psychoactive properties, and gets people “high”. CBD has different, non-psychoactive effects, and can offer you a different spin on the cannabis experience, one that may be more suitable for certain people, or for particular settings.

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It might not produce a euphoric high, but CBD has a number of positive effects. Every person can experience CBD differently, but for a number of people, it can have calming anti-stress properties, anti-nausea and appetite boosting effects, and some report that it can help with insomnia, headaches, and other pain.

There are also a lot of other active ingredients in cannabis besides THC and CBD, so if you want the full picture of the likely effects of a given cannabis strain, you’ll also want to look at its terpene profile. Terpenes, like CBD, are also non-psychoactive, and can greatly enhance the effects and flavour of the cannabis. Using a dry herb vaporizer with precise temperature control will help you target particular terpenes and get the most benefit from your cannabis.

Which is higher in CBD, sativa or indica cannabis?

Since indica strains of cannabis tend to have more of a sedative, “in da couch” effect when consumed, some people imagine there’s probably a tendency for indica strains tending to have more CBD. This isn’t the case though, and it's quite common for an indica strain to have very little CBD content. It's best to always check the product information of the cannabis strain you’re considering to see if it’s a strain high in CBD.

Some cannabis strains are called “balanced” because they have equal amounts of THC and CBD. These strains will get you high, but the effects can be a bit smoothed out by the CBD component, and you’ll probably experience some of CBD’s specific effects to a greater degree than usual.

Other strains have been bred over the years to have no THC at all, and only a high CBD content. If you’re looking for cannabis that won’t get you high, and only are interested in CBD effects, you’ll want to locate one of these strains, with a THC content as close to 0% as possible.

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The ideal way to vaporize CBD cannabis

Dry herb vaporizers are the best way to consume cannabis flower, including CBD-only cannabis. Using a vaporizer healthier for your lungs than smoking, and allows the flavour to more easily shine through. You’re also able to get more CBD and/or THC from your herb than combustion methods, which destroys some of the active ingredients before they can reach you.

This is possible because vaporizers heat the herb up enough so that the active ingredients are released, but never getting so hot that it actually burns the plant material. CBD’s boiling point is between 320-355°F (160-180°C), so you’ll want to set your vaporizer to at least that range, but it’s not a problem to go higher. You may also want to target certain terpenes, as they all have different boiling points.

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Be sure to grind your cannabis correctly to get maximum effect and to ensure good airflow in your vape. You’ll also want to take care to not overload or underload the chamber with herb. This can result in poor airflow and less vapour, or pockets of herb getting too much heat and scorching a bit. Finally, maintain your vape regularly and clean it whenever the airflow starts to feel clogged or you notice residue building up in the oven.

What vaporizer should I get for CBD-only cannabis?

If you’re interested in a portable dry herb vaporizer, you’ll want to consider things like battery life, charge times, and how easy the vape is to reload, especially in an outdoor or potentially inconvenient location. The Furna excels in all these categories, and also features an incredibly convenient swappable oven system.

Furna allows you to load up multiple ovens in advance, meaning you can swap a used oven for a fresh one in an instant, without having to handle hot parts or do any cleaning in between sessions. It also keeps track of which strain is in which oven, assigning each a unique symbol, preventing mix-ups. This can be especially helpful if you plan to make use of different strains, you don’t want to potentially confuse your high-THC and CBD-only strains!

You can learn more about Furna here, and you can also learn how it compares with some other vapes in its class, like the Da Vinci 2, Pax 3, and Crafty+.