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New Research on Using CBD & THC Together

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A new study published in September 2021 in the Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology provides more evidence that CBD affects the experience of THC.

It's considered common knowledge that CBD can counter the effects of THC, at least a little bit. It can reduce how high you are, but it can also make you feel calmer, and balance out the experience of vaping or smoking cannabis.

But what's common knowledge in the marijuana community doesn't always turn out to be 100% accurate, so it's always important to conduct research to see if the wisdom of cannabis enthusiasts is really true. And to make sure we can understand how the use of cannabis can affect medical patients' health.

This new research was conducted in Spain, and it discovered that CBD does in fact reduce how intoxicating the experience of consuming cannabis is. We'll have a look at the details of their study below.

But it's not a big surprise. The new research agrees with what cannabis users have been saying about combining the cannabinoids THC and CBD all along.


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CBD and THC: an entourage effect?

There's also a theory out there that cannabis has its most beneficial effects when you experience its "entourage effect". Which is a fancy way of saying: weed is better when you don't just have the THC part by itself. The cannabinoids work best when they work together.

There's a lot of studies being done in this area as well, and more research is needed. But this new Spanish study doesn't really touch on the broader theory of the entourage effect. It's focused on the relationship between CBD and THC, which is also a key area of study.

New Research: CBD Reduces Effects of THC

The researchers tested the same group of participants over three different sessions. Each person was required to abstain from using any drugs or alcohol for 12 hours before the study.

Each participant was given a dose of either 130 mg of CBD, 65 mg of THC, a combination of both 130 mg of CBD and 65 mg of THC, or a hemp placebo with practically no THC or CBD.


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  • What is THC?

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a cannabinoid and the most famous active ingredient in the cannabis plant. THC is the main cannabinoid responsible for psychoactive effects when you have marijuana. It produces the high that people usually associate with cannabis.

  • What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is also a cannabinoid found in marijuana, but it has very different effects from THC. It's not psychoactive, and is unlikely to get a person high.

How do THC and CBD interact?

After taking their randomly controlled amounts of THC and/or CBD, the subjects of the study were asked a series of questions and measured for cognitive effects like time perception and drowsiness in a clinical setting.

The CBB-only and hemp placebo group reported low or zero psychoactive effects, while the THC group recorded the highest amounts. The group that received the combination of THC and CBD had clearly different and lower reporting results than the group that consumed only THC.


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Building on a trend in cannabis research

Compared with previous research, this Spanish study used higher amounts of THC and CBD in its dosages, making it more likely to be accurate given real-world usage. But it's consistent with the research that has come before it, and builds on a trend.

A 2019 Canadian study also researched the difference between THC & CBD combinations compared with THC alone. They also found that CBD will reduce the effects of THC, and recommended that for people who dislike the side effects of THC, to consume strains with little THC and higher amounts of CBD.

CBD is only receiving more study recently, and there is still a lot to learn about its effects and how it interacts with the other active compounds in marijuana. But we are beginning to arrive at a clearer picture thanks to scientists' efforts.


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CBD & THC Together? Research Says It's Good

For some people, they might be focused only on the recreational side effects of cannabis and enjoy psychoactive effects quite a lot.

But for most cannabis consumers, it's nice to be able to control the intensity of your experience. A more grounded, less anxious and trippy experience can be much more pleasant.

Use cannabis without getting high

For users that want to avoid getting high, combining a high CBD quantity with just a little THC might work well. It could be the right ratio to unlock the benefits of cannabis without unwanted stoned side effects. For medical cannabis use, this might be ideal.

You can also use CBD completely on its own, which should have no psychoactive effects. But it might also be missing some helpful aspects of cannabis. It may help with anxiety and pain but less with other things. You can always try CBD by itself and see how it works for you.

And if the theory of the entourage effect continues to be supported by research, then it will make even more sense to enjoy THC along with the effects of CBD.


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The Healthiest Way to Consume Cannabis

You should always start low and slow if you're giving cannabis a try. And consult a doctor for medical advice if you're thinking about using cannabis as part of any kind of treatment for any condition.

In general, edibles are probably the healthiest way to consume cannabis. But they can take a while to kick in, and dosages can be inconsistent.

Dry herb vaporizers for CBD and THC

Dry herb vaporizers are currently the most popular healthier option on the market. Compared with smoking joints, they're far easier on the lungs. They also taste and smell better, and the leftovers from a vaporizer can even be used in edibles. People call it AVB or already vaped bud.

When it comes to dry herb vapes, you can decide between a portable and desktop option. For people who don't leave the house much, a desktop unit that needs to be plugged into a wall can be a good choice, even though they're more expensive.

The best portable dry herb vape

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