Tired of Pocket Lint in Your Vape’s Mouthpiece?

If you're like most people, you probably keep your portable vaporizer in your pocket, bag, or purse when you’re on the go. When it comes to portable vapes, convenience is key: you want your trusty sidekick close at hand! But how you store your vape while you’re walking around is worth thinking about. You might not want your vape mouthpiece coming into contact with random pocket junk or the objects in your bag.

Because you’re going to be inhaling directly from your mouthpiece, you don’t want any weird dirt or debris that it touches ending up in your lungs. This is a problem for any portable vape. So how do you keep your vape mouthpiece free of pocket lint? Is this a health issue or vape maintenance problem? Let's fully explore the perils of pockets and get to the bottom of this, once and for all.

Is Your Vape Mouthpiece Clean?

Some people have exceptionally tidy pockets or bags, and they're always careful about what they put in there and how it’s organized. Others, not so much. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to keep things in order, random coins, tissues, and who knows what else, are all at risk of touching your vape. You might want to take the time to properly clean the mouthpiece after it’s been in your pocket or bag, depending on the situation.

It’s bad news if your vape mouthpiece gets clogged with lint, and it’s worth avoiding. You don’t want the unpleasantness of coughing up dust balls, you don’t want lint messing with the flavour of your herb, and you don’t want it mucking up the mechanisms of your vape, and shortening its lifespan.

Although we’ve seen some creative solutions to this problem, like wearing your vape around your neck on a lanyard, most of them seem more amusing than actually practical or socially acceptable. The Furna vaporizer features an elegant solution to this problem: a mouthpiece that can be completely turned around, so that the mouth opening is never exposed to your pocket, bag, or purse in the first place.

Other strategies for keeping your vape lint-free exist, but they all impact how convenient your portable vape can be, which misses the whole point of having a portable vape in the first place. But let’s have a look at them anyways.

Keep Your Vape Somewhere Else

If your pocket or bag is a dangerous den of debris, maybe it’s just best to keep your vape out of there altogether. Although you’ll miss out on the convenience (and fun) of having your vaporizer always at the ready, at least you can be sure it’ll stay cleaner. Another option is to not keep anything else in your pocket, and to be a stickler for regularly cleaning that pocket of lint. But not using one of your pockets for anything except storing your vape seems like overkill.

You can also take steps when doing laundry to make sure you’re not dumping lint in your pockets. For example, wash your pocketed clothes separately from any lint-producing fabrics, like chenille, towels, flannels and sweatshirts. You can even wipe down your washing machine after each use, so that lint from one load won’t transfer to the next. But owning a vape shouldn’t mean changing up your whole laundry game. There has got to be a better way.

Get a Vape Case or Sleeve

Getting a case or sleeve for your vaporizer seems like an obvious solution. If you’ve got something you want to isolate from other things, place it in a container! Some portable vaporizers include complimentary cases of various sizes and quality. Others, such as the PAX 3, Arizer Solo II or DaVinci IQ2, have cases available separately, or as part of a premium accessory package.

But using a case for your portable vaporizer has one main drawback: it bulks up your pocket or bag, and makes the slim, ultra-portable vape of your dreams into just another awkward, weighty drag on your mobility. Clunky and cumbersome, just like the way the oldest portable vapes used to be.

Some cases won’t even fit in your pocket, while others will just make it look like you’re carrying something big and conspicuous. It might even affect the way you walk, or stretch your pants. Cases or sleeves can also easily be misplaced. They’re not necessarily a bad solution, but anything that makes your vape less portable makes you less mobile, and you start missing out on the main benefits of owning a portable vape: keeping things convenient and discreet.

Get a Furna Vape

The Furna vape brings a number of innovations to the table, made possible by its swappable oven technology. With Furna, you get multiple ovens, and each has its own mouthpiece. When you're done vaping one oven, you can swap it out for one that's fresh and ready to go. This also means you can load up several ovens in advance before heading out on an excursion, making it even more portable and convenient.

These swappable ovens also let you keep pocket lint out of your vaporizer mouthpiece. The oven and mouthpiece can be flipped around 180 degrees, so that the open tip of the mouthpiece faces towards the inside of the vape and away from your pocket. This way, the surface that your lips will touch isn’t exposed to the rest of your pocket. Flipping the vape’s mouthpiece opening around also has the benefit of keeping any potential odors more fully locked in, so that you're able to be even more discreet.

If you find you need to bring extra ovens with you, Furna also has a compact carrying case available that can fit two ovens. Each oven can be positioned with its mouthpiece opening facing inwards, so that every mouthpiece is protected from whatever is in your pocket, bag, or purse. The ovens are held in place by high-quality magnets, so you can be sure that once they’re snapped into place, they won’t budge or be dislodged as you go about your business. Find out more about Furna and its innovative design features

Staying Portable without Disrupting your Flow

Another option is to carefully inspect your vape for debris every time you’re about to use it, and to keep your cleaning supplies on hand in case it has come into contact with anything concerning. In general, regular vape cleaning is always a great idea to keep your vaporizer producing high-quality and flavorful vapour, and ensuring it lasts you a long time.

But beyond a certain point, frequent cleaning just gets to be a chore, and there’s no need to be doing it multiple times a day just because you’ve been keeping your vape in your pocket, bag, or purse. Portable vapes are supposed to be fun and liberating, not bulky and requiring cleaning at every turn.

So if you’re looking for a simple, elegant solution that keeps you mobile and convenient, Furna has the best answer to the problem of pocket lint getting in your vaporizer’s mouthpiece. You can learn more about Furna and its swappable oven technology here.