Can You Vape Hash in a Vaporizer?

Two blocks of hash (hashish).


Hash (or hashish) is the oldest cannabis concentrate out there, with a history of use stretching back a thousand years. Traditionally, to consume hash, you would smoke it, or ingest it. But what about vaping hash?

Like most concentrates, you can totally vaporize hash. And it's preferable to smoking hash: you'll get more effects from the same amount of hash, and without the negative health effects of smoke. For a full overview about how to vape all concentrates, check out our complete intro to marijuana concentrates.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you're going to vape hash. Not all vaporizers are able to vape weed concentrates, so you'll need to make sure you have a vape that will do the trick.

Vaping hash requires higher temperatures than vaporizing dried cannabis flowers, so you'll need to make sure your vape can deliver the heat. Some vaporizer models are specifically designed for concentrates, but might not work with dry herb.

However, there are ways to vape hash with a dry herb vaporizer. The main concern is cleaning the vaporizer afterwards - hash turns into a sticky liquid substance when vaporized, and it's difficult to clean from the herb chamber. You also don’t want any liquids coming into contact with delicate vape parts.

That might sound scary, but in this article, we'll go over some tips and tricks, and tell you everything you need to know about vaping hashish. We'll also look at the different options out there in terms of concentrate vaporizers.


A person using a vaporizer and exhaling vapor outside.

How to Vaporize Hash

Hash is a lot denser than regular cannabis flower. It's also stronger in terms of cannabinoids like THC, usually containing 40-60% THC. The appearance and feel of hash will depend on how it was produced, and how much plant material is still left in it.

Usually hash is a solid block, but it can also be soft or brittle to the touch. Hash is usually brown (light or dark brown), but it can sometimes be other colors.

How to vaporize hash correctly will depend on what kind of vape you have. If you have a vaporizer designed for concentrates, you can just break off a piece of hash and put it directly into the chamber.

Break the hash up as much as you can to create more surface area to make it easier to heat it all and get the strongest effects. Spread the hash evenly throughout the bowl, and don’t overfill the chamber.


Dry herb vape with pre-loadable ovens by Furna

Vaping hash in a non-concentrate vaporizer

If your vape isn't concentrate-ready, you'll want to think twice before vaping hash in it. After vaping hash, it will become a liquid, and can gum up important parts in your vaporizer. So use caution when vaping hash in a vaporizer that isn't made for it.

The best approach is usually to sandwich the hash in the middle of a bowl ground cannabis flower. This will keep mess to a minimum. Even though it isn't a pure hash hit, you'll still enjoy a nice vapor combination.

Just make sure you use a temperature of 390ºF (200ºC) or slightly higher, otherwise you might not get the full effects of the hash. After a couple of sessions, you'll discover which settings work best with your vaporizer.

That said, the sandwich method isn't as effective for getting the most possible effects out of both your herb and your hash. Airflow will be a little blocked, and not all parts of your herb and hash will be properly heated.


A person vaping hash using a portable vape outside.

Best Dry Herb Vaporizer for Hash

Some dry herb vaporizers have accessories available that allow them to handle concentrates better. These usually take the form of an insert or liquid pad that you place inside the herb chamber. Then you can safely vape hashish without the risk of gumming up your device.

In theory, this should allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds. You can enjoy dry herb sessions on the regular, and switch to consuming hash or other cannabis concentrates whenever you want.

In practice though, the inserts are less than ideal. Although handy in a pinch, regular usage quickly demonstrates their drawbacks. You have to be careful while handling them because they can get quite hot, and loading and cleaning them can be a challenge, especially if you're on the go.

Also, most vapes don't automatically include inserts or liquid pads, and are only available as a separate accessory, or as part of deluxe kit options.

A new way to vape both concentrates and dry herb

The Furna vaporizer has an innovative solution: multiple ovens. Furna has specialized ovens for both dry herb and concentrates, meaning it's simple to switch between the two, without worrying that your concentrate use is gumming up your dry herb vaping.

You can load up multiple ovens in advance, and can easily keep track of which is which using the multicolored mouthpiece nibs. The vaporizer will also display a custom symbol when you load in each oven.

There are many advantages to this swappable oven system. If you want to reload a vape with an insert after you're done using the concentrate, you'll have to wait for it to cool down enough so you can clean it.

With Furna, you can instantly swap in a fresh oven, with no waiting. In addition to dry herb and concentrate, Furna also has 510 oil ovens that let you screw in a 510 oil cartridge. It truly has all the options you need in a single vaporizer. Check out Furna's vape and see what you think for yourself.


Vaporizer with dry herb and concentrate ovens by Furna