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Furna Vaporizers

Silicone Cover

Silicone Cover

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Our silicone covers are great for carrying an extra oven around with you on the go. The silicone cover was designed to securely hold a dry herb or concentrate oven. Simply slide a single oven into the silicone cover to secure it. Over covers are also designed with a keyring hole, making it easy to clip the silicone cover to your keychain or throw it in your bag knowing your oven (and mouthpiece) are completely protected. 

Our sleek design allows you to carry your oven with you in style and discreetly. Each Furna Vaporizer comes with one silicone cover. To make the most of our portability system, purchase an extra cover for additional ovens or as a replacement. Take multiple ovens with you on the go!


1 Silicone Cover (black)

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