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2 Oven Carrier

2 Oven Carrier

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Ready for adventure! The 2 oven carrier allows you to pack and carry any of our ovens with you for a day out, a weekend away, to bring some variety to your day, or to share with friends. The magnets inside the carrier allow you to hold 2 ovens in place creating a truly unique experience. Push one side to pop out the other oven.

Stop messing around trying to pack ground dry herb while you're out of the house. Pack 3 (one in the Furna Vaporizer and two in the 2 oven carrier) before you go and swap sessions instantly. Better yet, grab a nib pack too, and use the colours to identify what is in each oven for your own unique variety pack. 

Ovens not included in this purchase. Both the dry herb and concentrate ovens are sold separately.


1 Two Oven Carrier (holds two ovens)

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