Person vaping hash outside using a vaporizer.

What Temperature Do You Vape Hash At?

Person vaping hash outside using a vaporizer.


Hash (or hashish) is one of the oldest forms of cannabis concentrate, with usage going back almost a thousand years. You can smoke and ingest hash, but only recently has a new method for consuming hash appeared on the scene. Vaping! Yep, you can vape hash in a vaporizer.

Vaping hash is actually the healthiest way to consume hash, and still get instant effects. Vaporization is easier on your lungs, and involves fewer carcinogenic substances, than smoking hash.


Eating hash is also healthier than smoking, but it can take a long time for you to experience the effects. You also need to heat it beforehand, to decarboxylate and properly activate the cannabinoids and terpenes inside.

To vaporize hash, you'll need a vaporizer capable of safely handling marijuana concentrate, and able to hit high temperatures. Many vaporizers are able to reach the ideal temperature, but still might not be able to safely vape hash without damaging the vaping device.


Temperature Range to Vaporize Hash

You need to pump up your vaporizer to the right temperature range in order to get the proper effects from your hash.

You're looking at a hotter temperature compared with vaping dry herb. You can vape dry herb at higher temps as well, but dry herb vapor will still be great at lower temperatures, it’s more of a personal preference issue.

With hashish, this isn't the case. You'll be able to get some effects starting at 356ºF (180ºC), but don't be fooled. You'll still be missing out on a lot of potency. In order to truly experience the effects of your hash, set your vape to a higher temperature of at least 390ºF (200ºC).

Of course, if you're looking for lighter effects, by all means keep your vaping temperature lower. But for most users looking for the maximum quantity of cannabinoids from their hash, a range of 390-428ºF (210–220ºC) is the sweet spot.


An oven thermometer.

Choose best temperature, vape hash

Most vapes can't reach much higher temperatures than that. But keep in mind that if you push it to 445ºF (230ºC), the hash will break down and there will probably be some combustion. This will affect the taste, and also give you some of the negative health effects of inhaling marijuana smoke.

So keep your vape set to a high temperature, but not too high, to get the best THC effects and flavor.

Also, there are different types of hash, and some forms are easier to vape than others. Crumbly hash or pollen hash is easier to work with. Vaporizing brick hash is tougher to break apart, and heat evenly, even at a high temperature.

Vaping Hash with a Dry Herb Vaporizer

Remember, not all vaporizer models can safely vaporize hash. When you vape hashish, it turns into a liquid, and it can leak through the heating chamber into sensitive electronic parts. It can damage your vape, possibly to the point where it stops working.

Even if you're able to safely vape hash, most vaporizers will be difficult to clean after vaporizing. Dabs and oils tend to vaporize more completely, but when it comes to hash, a sticky residue is likelier to be left behind. If your herb chamber is too narrow, for example a vape pen, it will be very difficult to clean.

You can buy a specialized vaporizer made specifically for vaping hash, or build your own dab rig. But for many users who also enjoy vaping regular cannabis flowers, they'd prefer to have everything in one unit instead of carrying around multiple vaporizers.


A person sitting on a sofa, outside in front of an old cityscape, vaping hashish in a vaporizer.

Weed concentrates in dry herb vapes

Many higher-end vaporizers will have accessories that let you safely vaporize hash and other concentrates, usually sold separately. You can buy an insert or liquid pad that you can put inside the herb chamber to protect components against liquids as the hash melts.

These accessories make vaping concentrates safe, but it's still an inferior vaping experience, especially if you like to have cannabis concentrate regularly. Dealing with these inserts can be messy, and involves dealing with hot parts.

If you want a second bowl, waiting for it to cool down, then cleaning and reloading, is time-consuming. It's annoying if you’re eager for more. It's also not easy to switch between dry herb and concentrate.

In general, dry herb devices are designed for dry herbs only and the concentrate accessories are more of an afterthought.

Furna: A true multi-purpose vaporizer

The Furna has a solution to all the problems posed by other top dry herb vapes, with their swappable oven system of vaping. With Furna, you can get ovens for dry herb, concentrates, and even a 510 cartridge compatible oven.

Whenever you want, you can swap one oven for the other. They're insulated and safe to handle, even right after use, so there's no danger of burning your fingers if you're eager to continue your session.

You can even pre-pack the ovens in advance, making it much more convenient to use when you're on the move. You never have to clean and reload your vaporizer in an inconvenient or indiscreet location. Check out Furna today and see what you think!


Furna dry herb vape with swappable ovens

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