Person smoking a joint in a park.

Does Smoking ABV Taste Bad?

Person smoking a joint in a park.


Already been vaped bud (ABV), also known as already vaped bud (AVB), is the cannabis that’s left over when you're finished using a dry herb vaporizer. These leftovers are still potent! So save your ABV weed in an airtight jar for later.

Just how strong ABV is will depend on the strain of the cannabis flower you vaped, and how intensely you vaped it. If you vaped at moderate temperatures, it'll have more cannabinoids like THC and CBD left. If you vaporized your bud heavily, at high temperatures, it'll have less potency.

ABV bud can be used for making edibles. AVB coconut oil and AVB butter are particularly great for making things like ABV brownies. You can also sprinkle it in a hot drink to make ABV coffee, or you can put it in a sandwich with some peanut butter to mask the flavor.

Or you can make an AVB joint and smoke it! That's right, smoking AVB is totally an option. It's not the most popular option: it's a lot weaker than smoking fresh cannabis, and tastes worse. Some people report the high doesn't last as long.

But even though smoking might not be the tastiest or most efficient way to use vaped weed, it's a simple solution that might work well for you. There are some things you can do to improve the taste of AVB as well.


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Is it Bad to Smoke ABV?

Taste aside, technically it's not a good idea to smoke anything.

Although smoking cannabis is better for you and has less carcinogens than tobacco, it's still not wonderful for your lungs. Vaporizing using a dry herb vaporizer is much easier on the respiratory system compared with smoking. This is because you're just heating, and not burning, any of the weed.

Smoking AVB is totally a convenient option though, and can hit the spot. But because all of the terpenes were vaporized earlier in the dry herb vape, the taste will be very different from fresh cannabis flower.


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Smoking fresh bud vs. AVB weed

Terpenes are what give each cannabis strain its unique aroma, so without them in the picture, the taste of an AVB joint is pretty boring and bleak. It's also a harsher smoke, so you might cough a bit more.

Since vaped weed doesn't have as many cannabinoids left in it, it's going to be far weaker than a joint made from fresh flower. You can always smoke more of it though.

Just because it doesn't taste good and has less THC, it's not the end of the world. It's a bonus round after all, you already got to vape this herb once.

You can also combine fresh weed with ABV in a joint. You'll get the flavor and potency of your fresh cannabis, while filling out your joint and not using up too much of the fresh stuff. This also lets you create larger joints without using more herb, or getting as high from them.

The taste of the combined joint will be a mixture of the two flavors, and it'll taste better than when you smoke AVB by itself.


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How to Get Stronger AVB (Already Vaped Bud)

If you want to have stronger or better tasting ABV for smoking, you can always switch up how you use your vaporizer.

If you're vaping using the highest temperature settings on your vape, and keep hitting it until there's absolutely nothing left, the resulting AVB will be weaker and taste worse. It will look very dark, and have little THC and CBD left in it.

Try vaping on a moderate heat, and you'll notice your ABV will be completely different. It'll be a light or medium brown color, and it'll have a lot more potency. Although it still won't taste wonderful, it will be a lot better than heavily vaped bud.

If your weed is too heavily vaped in that first round, it might not be worth the effort to smoke it as ABV. Smoking AVB that's really dark might feel like a waste of time and energy because it doesn't give you many effects, and it tastes much worse.

How to Improve the Taste of Smoking ABV

There are other ways to improve the taste of ABV weed. The most effective method is a process called water curing.

To water cure your AVB, get some cheesecloth and a bowl filled with room temperature water. Wrap your ABV in a piece of cheesecloth so that it looks like a giant tea bag. Now, put it in the bowl and let it soak.

After a few hours, the color of the water will change. That's the bad tasting part of the ABV being separated out. Drain the dirty water, and add fresh water to the bowl.

Cannabinoids like THC aren't water soluble, so don’t worry, they'll survive the process and will still be there for you to enjoy. 

Continue the process for a few days, up to a week. Every time you rinse and repeat, you're improving the flavor of AVB a bit more.


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A Better Vape Session Means Better AVB

Although smoking ABV is a nifty solution when you need an emergency or low-strength joint, nothing beats using a quality dry herb vaporizer on a regular basis.

When looking for a dry herb vape, you'll want to find one that has precise temperature control, and that heats cannabis evenly and consistently. This way, you'll have both amazing sessions and high quality AVB.

The Furna vaporizer delivers top-notch vapor, and gives you the most mileage out of your bud, while also leaving you with consistent, evenly heated ABV.

Furna also features unparalleled portability. Amazing battery life, charge times, and an edge no other dry herb vape has: swappable ovens.

When you're done with one oven, you can instantly swap it for another, without having to clean it out and reload it. That can get awkward and messy when you're on the go, making Furna a hugely convenient choice.

It even has specialized ovens for cannabis concentrate and 510 oil cartridges, all just as easy to swap in and out. Check out Furna's vapes today!


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