Can You Smoke AVB?

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Already vaped bud (AVB) is the brown or yellowish herbs that are left over after you vape cannabis. As you might already know, you shouldn't throw this stuff out. There's still some potency left in it, so save it and don't let your AVB go to waste!

AVB (also known as ABV) can be used for a ton of things, including making cannabutter for edibles, sprinkling in your coffee or tea, or ABV capsules. Read our article about what to do with AVB weed if you want to learn more.

But can you smoke ABV?

The answer is yes, absolutely. But you shouldn't expect it to be like smoking fresh bud. It won't be as strong, and it won't taste as good. But that doesn't mean smoking ABV isn't a good option in the right situation.

How to Smoke Already Vaped Bud (AVB)

You can smoke ABV just how you would smoke any cannabis. You can roll a joint, use a bong, or pack it in your pipe.

But smoking vaped weed has its drawbacks. It's more harsh than smoking fresh marijuana flower, and the taste is worse. Also, the potency is a lot lower, so expect weaker effects, unless you're having a lot of it.

If the AVB was vaped lightly at low temperatures, it might be a yellowish color, and will still have more THC and CBD left in it. If it's brown, it will be weaker. Potency also depends on the strength of the original cannabis strain, of course.

Even though smoking AVB is a lower quality experience compared with regular cannabis, it still works. Some people report the effects also don't last as long, but that might not be an issue, depending on the situation.


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Combine fresh cannabis with ABV in a joint

Another great option is combining AVB with fresh weed in a joint. AVB can help fill out your joint without adding more regular-strength cannabis or tobacco into the mix. Think of it like a cannabis version of half-caff coffee.

Already vaped bud can also balance out the effects of fresh cannabis too. After it's been vaped, the cannabinoid balance in weed changes. There's less cannabinoids like THC and CBD, but still a comparatively high amount of CBN.

CBN will provide more of a body high, and has some stronger sedative effects that might make you sleepy. So if your fresh bud is an energizing strain that you want to balance out a bit, AVB could be a great thing to combine it with in a joint.

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Does Smoking Already Vaped Bud Taste Bad?

Unfortunately, yes. Smoking AVB doesn't taste great at all. It can just be a quick, convenient, and cheap way to have a low-strength option.

Vaping AVB isn't likely to give you much more THC or CBD in a second round. Especially if you thoroughly baked your herb when you vaped it the first time. Vaping AVB also definitely won't taste good - and at a certain point, it will start having a burnt popcorn flavor.

So if all you've got is already vaped bud on hand, and you want faster effects than you would get from having an edible, an AVB joint can be just the ticket.

Is it worth smoking ABV?

When you're burning cannabis in a joint, whether it's fresh herb or the already vaped variety, you're destroying some of the THC and CBD before it even gets a chance to reach your lips. A burning flame is just too hot a temperature, and you'll miss out on the fullest possible effects from your AVB.

If you want to get the most mileage out of your herb, saving AVB is a great first step. But to get the most cannabinoids out of your already vaped but, ingesting it is the better bet. And ideally, eat ABV along with a bit of fatty food to help you absorb the THC, and to mask the flavor.


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Can an AVB Joint Get You High?

Technically, yes, you can get high by smoking AVB. You might have to smoke a lot of it to get the experience you want.

If strong effects are your goal, smoking is definitely not your best option when it comes to already vaped bud.

A quick way to enjoy AVB that never fails is just sprinkling it on a peanut butter sandwich, or in yogurt or ice cream. Putting it in coffee or tea also works.

Other ways to use already been vaped bud (ABV)

The most popular ways to use your AVB include making edibles from it, either using cannabutter or coconut oil.

It's a bit of a time investment to make the cannabutter or coconut oil, but once you've got them on hand, creating any recipe is simple. Just substitute the butter or oil in the recipe for your AVB cannabutter or oil, and you're set. You can also easily add some butter or oil to your cup of morning coffee or tea.

Just a quick note that this will not work with fresh marijuana, only with AVB. ABV is decarboxylated when you vape it, so you can just eat it straight up and it will work great. If you're dealing with fresh weed, you'll have to decarboxylate it first (cook it on a low heat) before making edibles. Otherwise, the THC won't be properly activated.

To improve the taste of AVB, you can put it through a process called water curing. It's easy, but takes a few hours. It can be worth it if you really dislike the taste of AVB though.


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Best Vaporizer for AVB Weed

To get high quality AVB from your dry herb vaporizer, you need a vape that has precise temperature control and smooth airflow. As long as the herb is being warmed evenly and at the correct temperature, you'll get AVB with consistent strength, color, and taste.

A low-end vape won't heat your marijuana evenly, and might have undercooked and overcooked pockets, wasting weed and the usefulness of your AVB. Each session won't be as potent, either.

In terms of portable dry herb vaporizers, the Furna is a durable, versatile, and powerful device that gives you both excellent vapor and top-notch AVB afterwards. It also features an innovative oven-swapping system, which lets you instantly swap a finished bowl of herb for a fresh one.

Furna also features specialized concentrate and 510 oil ovens, and each of them can be just as simply swapped in whenever you like. It makes it easier to reload your vape while on the go, share sessions with friends, and make use of concentrates without the mess involved with other dry herb vapes. Check out the Furna vaporizer today.


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