Customized Control with Furna

Furna, Customized controls to make it your own.

Cannabis comes in a variety of strains and potencies, and it affects everyone differently. So I’m not surprised that my husband and I are polar opposites when it comes to our preferences.

He loves powerhouse strains. They energize him and help him focus, and while he’s looking to catch up on the day, I’m zoning out on the couch. You can see the issue here. Although we both enjoy cannabis to relax, we weren’t always in sync until we discovered the Furna vaporizer.

Furna’s ovens can be packed in advance and are just the right size for a session, so he gets the big hits from his oven and I can enjoy a more mellow high with a different strain in mine – which works out perfectly for a fun night.

Great for sharing

We love our Furna because of its flexibility and convenience. You can literally start and stop whenever you want without wasting your herbs. The vaporizer goes into Idle mode after a few seconds and fires back up with a flick of the wrist when you’re ready to use it again.

 Sharing the Furna Ovens with Friends

The individual ovens come in handy when we’re hanging out with friends and want to keep the sessions going. They’re insulated which means you can swap them out right away without burning your fingers. Other popular vaporizers need time to cool down before you can repack the only oven they can use, and you’ll likely have to charge them after a handful of sessions.

 Customize your own Furna today!

The colored nibs are a quick way to tell the ovens apart, and you can choose a symbol for each one that appears when you pop it into the vaporizer. Personalizing the ovens like this makes it easy to keep track of different strains and which ovens have already been used. I also love that the session still feels communal but in a much more hygienic way.

It’s all about you

Being able to change the temperature during a session makes a difference too. Higher temperatures give you a bigger dose of THC, so you can control the intensity of the experience and taste the flavors of the terpenes more than you would if you char the herbs with an open flame. In other words, when you’re smoking Pineapple Express, you can actually taste pineapple aromas.

Taste the Flavors with the Furna Vaporizer

Vapors are channeled through an isolated air path with a ceramic cooling coil that makes every pull smooth – a nice change from the harsh burns that often come with smoking a joint.

Furna’s a great pocket vape that can be adjusted instantly to your preference. Being able to customize and control my experience was a game changer for me.

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