Cannabis plants outside.

Can AVB Be Green?

 Cannabis plants outside.

When you use a dry herb vaporizer and you're finished a session, don't get rid of the leftover vaped cannabis. You can save already vaped bud (AVB or ABV for short) for later. You can use it to make cannabutter, cannabis capsules, or just sprinkled on a peanut butter sandwich.

The strength of ABV varies depending on the original marijuana strain, how long it was vaped for, and at what temperature. The best indication of how potent AVB will be is its color. The spectrum of colors AVB is usually from green (strongest), to yellow, to brown, to dark, brown, and finally, black (very weak/no effects).

There can be exceptions to this rule. For example, if your original cannabis strain was dark purple in color, that's going to mean dark-colored AVB, regardless of how long you vaped it for, or which temperature settings you used.

Also, different dry herb vaporizers produce ABV with different characteristics, so it's possible your vape might produce lighter or darker AVB than the average. You'll learn over time.

You can check out our article on the best color for ABV for a complete guide. But for this article, let's examine the greener end of the AVB color spectrum. Is it still ok to use already vaped bud if it's green?


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Can Already Vaped Bud Be Too Green?

If your AVB is on the lighter end of the spectrum, you might be wondering if it could be too green. If your herb is yellowish-green, that's definitely fine, but if it's basically green, then you might have some cause for concern.

As you might know, you can't eat fresh cannabis and expect to experience THC or CBD effects.

The cannabinoids need to be activated by being heated to a certain level, otherwise swallowing them will do nothing. Luckily, vaping takes care of what's called decarboxylation for you. So ABV is ready to be eaten, right away.

If your AVB is really green, then it might not be fully decarboxylated, or decarbed. Meaning some of the cannabinoids inside won't be activated, and it will be a waste if you eat it as AVB.

This isn't very likely, but if the herb doesn't feel brittle to the touch, or you vaped your cannabis very lightly and at low temperatures, it's possible it didn't get fully decarbed.

So you should consider vaping at slightly higher temperatures for a little longer if you think this might be the case.

Another option is you can just decarb the ABV directly, by heating it in a pan in the oven. Don't go over 200° F (95° C), because then you'll start losing THC and CBD.


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Will green ABV weed taste good?

As long as your AVB is decarbed, which will almost always be the case even with greenish vaped bud, you're good to use your ABV in edibles. In fact, it's probably ideal for use in edibles.

Darker colors of AVB tend to be weaker in strength, and taste worse. It's a flavor you might not want to get mixed in with your tasty edibles, especially if your ABV is dark brown in color. When it comes to black AVB, you might not even want to use it. The effects will be minimal and the taste will be the worst.

Green ABV on the other hand will have the best flavor, and the highest strength. Making it perfect for AVB usage. But the best color will depend entirely on your goals.

Most people who enjoy AVB go for medium-temperature vaping sessions, which should produce yellowish or light brown ABV, which will still have quite a bit of strength left for use in edibles.

Water curing: improving the taste of vaped weed

If the taste of AVB really turns you off, you can also put it through a process called water curing to improve the flavor. It takes some time, but it's pretty easy to do.

You just put your ABV in a giant "tea bag" made of cheesecloth, then soak that bag in a bowl of room temperature water. After a couple of hours, drain the dirty water, and add fresh water. Repeat that process for up to 7 days: the longer you do it, the more of the bad flavors you'll remove.


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Is Green Color AVB Good For Cannabis Edibles?

If your priority is how much THC will be in your AVB edibles, then lighter sessions producing lighter colors are your best bet. Yellowish AVB, green color ABV, or a mixture between the two, will give you the strongest and best tasting AVB.

Already vaped bud in this range of the color spectrum will also taste better, and will be in less need of the water curing process. But the downside to using a lower temperature when vaping is that your sessions won't be as strong.

For many cannabis users, it's fun to plan ahead and choose less THC-intense sessions when vaping cannabis, and then have reliably stronger and tastier vaped weed.

The most popular uses of already vaped bud include making cannabis oil from coconut oil, AVB butter, and AVB capsules. You can even smoke AVB, but it won't be very strong, and will taste worse. You'll also waste some of the cannabinoids because they'll be burned away before reaching your lungs.

Dry herb vaporizers for already been vaped bud

Because the quality of your ABV will be based on your vaping session, you need to make sure you can control the temperature precisely. If vaping weed at a low heat is your goal, you'll want a high-quality vaporizer so the temperature control is precise.

You also need to grind your cannabis before vaping it, and to clean your vape whenever it starts to get clogged.

Otherwise, you can easily end up with hot pockets that over-vaporize some parts of your herb, ruining the consistency of your AVB and potentially messing up your plans for the leftover weed.

The Furna dry herb vaporizer delivers amazing tasting vapor, as well as highly efficient airflow and precise temperature control. This means you will get high-quality ABV for later use.

Furna also features oven swapping technology, which is a really cool innovation. You can fill more than one oven with dry herb, and then instantly swap a used oven for a fresh one.

This especially comes in handy when you're on the move, and there aren't any convenient or discreet places to clean and reload your vape. Check out the Furna vape to learn more.


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