Dog with its mouth open in a park.

Study: Dogs Eating THC in Human Poop

Dog with its mouth open in a park.


Dogs are lovable, curious creatures attracted by smells, and are willing to eat just about anything. Including poop.

A new study in Australia examined the question of whether eating human feces containing THC is a danger to dogs. Published in the Australian Veterinary Journal in November 2021, this research has some helpful findings for pet owners looking to keep their canines healthy.

Is it dangerous for dogs to eat feces with THC?

The researchers examined 15 episodes of THC toxicosis in dogs from 2011-2020. All were cases of where dogs had consumed poop, or thought to have.

Ten of the dogs had their gross snack in a public park. Others did at other public locations, like a beach, walking trails, and campgrounds.

As more people use cannabis and legalization spreads to more states and countries, it could become an increasingly common concern for dog owners.

Although, there are a number of hazards your dog can eat in parks, and eating feces in general is dangerous to dogs, so the THC in poop might not be at the top of the list of dangers. Still, it's yet another reason to keep a close eye on your dog.


A sad dog lying down in a park.

Marijuana Toxicosis in Dogs

The researchers acknowledge many limitations to the new study. They studied only a small number of cases (15), and it was not known how much THC each dog ate.

The dogs had various symptoms, including dilated pupils, urinary incontinence, and a generally confused demeanor.

The research noted that in these cases, clearly the dogs had consumed so much THC that it clearly caused toxicity.

That doesn't mean that any amount of THC will cause those effects - the researchers theorize that in these fifteen cases, the THC concentration was clearly very high and led to severe cases.

Scientists' advice for keeping dogs safe from cannabis in parks

The researchers noted that all fifteen dogs in the study recovered and were discharged from veterinary care. They concluded that ingesting human feces containing THC could result in marijuana toxicosis in dogs.

They cautioned owners to be more attentive with their pets and make sure they make better hygienic decisions for themselves.


Two dogs smelling the grass in a park.

Cannabis Might Be Attractive Smell for Dogs

The study also theorizes that compared with normal poop, feces with cannabis inside it might smell more interesting to dogs, and actually attract them.

The scientists note that the presence of the marijuana plant will alter the smell, texture, and taste, and that it may increase its "attractiveness for ingestion."

Although we will never fully understand these misguided pets, we can definitely agree that they should be protected from ingesting THC. Although it is not known exactly what amount is toxic, both dogs and cats are extremely sensitive to THC, both smoke and edibles, and will have bad reactions to it.

There are not many documented cases of cats accidentally eating cannabis and getting high. Maybe it's because they're more discriminating with what they eat. Or because they're happy enough with catnip - which, by the way, is an herb you can vape!


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Animal safety and health and marijuana

Dogs in particular have a lot of cannabinoid receptors, making them feel extreme effects, even at a small dose.

It is rare for cannabis intoxication to be lethal for dogs, but the reactions are very strong, serious, and usually require veterinary care.

If you have a pet, storing your cannabis should be the same as other drugs in the home. Keep all your weed, medical or recreational, safe and stored out of reach of your pets. Keep pets away from second-hand smoke or vapor.

If you notice your dog or cat acting weird, and exposure to cannabis is a possibility, take your pet to the veterinarian for treatment.

The benefits of CBD for dogs

There are an increasing number of stories about how under particular conditions, CBD might be helpful for dogs.

There isn't much research into this area, and in July 2021 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) declared that its safety hasn't yet been properly evaluated.

Since it's a medical and treatment decision involving your pet, giving your dog CBD isn't anything you should do lightly. Talk it over with your veterinarian, and follow their recommendation, before deciding on any CBD cannabis treatment for your dog.


A dog being walked on a leash in a park.

Best Portable Vaporizer for Walking Your Dog

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But one drawback with most portable dry herb vapes is that they're a pain to clean and reload, if you're not in an indoor location. This is an even bigger plan if you're trying to walk your dog and might not even have an extra free hand.

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