Rows of cannabis gel caps.

What Size AVB Capsules Are Best?

Rows of cannabis gel capsules.


If you use a dry herb vaporizer, and aren't keeping your leftover AVB, you're missing out!

What does AVB mean? Already vaped bud, AVB or ABV for short, can be used for all kinds of things: recipes, cannabutter, or even making your morning coffee or tea more exciting.

But sometimes you want the simplest possible way to enjoy AVB, and don't want to bother with making a food item just to consume vaped cannabis. Also, ABV doesn't exactly taste great, and you might prefer to avoid tasting it completely.

If this sounds like you, you've got to try AVB capsules. They're super discreet, and are just as subtle as swallowing a pill. Making ABV caps is as simple as buying some gelatin capsules, and filling them with vaped weed.

But how big should you make your caps? What size gelatin capsules should you buy? And what effects can you expect from the different sizes? Let's explore these questions so you can make the best decision for your needs, and enjoy convenient, satisfying AVB experiences whenever you want them.


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The Right Capsule Size for Already Vaped Bud

You have a few options when it comes to buying capsules for AVB. The most popular choice is size 00 gelatin capsules (those are double zeros, not the letter “O”).

How much ABV you can squeeze into size 00 caps depends on the density of the herb. In theory, you can fit about 735 mg of material in a 00 gel capsule. But because vaped herb isn't perfectly dense like a powder, you'll only be able to fit less inside.

For some people, size 00 might be a bit too much per capsule. In that case, go for size 0 gel capsules. They can contain about 500 mg of AVB. This will give you a smaller size, making choosing the correct dose easier when you need lighter effects.

If you want a larger size, and don't mind swallowing larger pills, go for size 000. These will fit around 1000 mg of already vaped bud, but again, this depends on how finely ground your AVB is.


Gel capsules beside a marijuana leaf.

How to fill canna caps with ABV

Gel capsules are available at most health food stores, and they're also widely available online.

Filling them is pretty simple. Just pour the AVB into the capsules, and close them up. It helps to make use of a funnel to avoid spilling. If you want to squeeze more AVB in each cap, use a poker or packing tool of some kind, to pack the material more densely so you can fit more inside. 

You can also use a capping machine to fill your AVB capsules. This makes it much faster and more convenient to fill a lot of capsules all at once. You can find capping machines at most pharmacies.

Optional: use a coffee grinder and/or coconut oil

If you want the strongest possible AVB capsules, you'll definitely want to grind your ABV before putting it in the caps. The finer you can get your AVB, the more densely you'll be able to fill a capsule.

A weed grinder works, but if you can use a coffee grinder, that's even better. And if you're a coffee person, you can even try making ABV coffee!

Another option is adding an oil of some kind to your ABV. Oil helps your body process cannabinoids like THC and CBD faster - this is why it's good to eat something with some fat content whenever you swallow an AVB capsule.

The most popular oil to use is cannabis infused coconut oil. This will give your capsules a powerful kick to pair with the effects of the ABV. Just use a syringe to inject the oil into the capsule.


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How Strong are AVB Caps?

The strength of ABV capsules depends on a few factors. First off, the potency of the vaped cannabis itself. This will be based on the strength of the original marijuana strain, in terms of THC and CBD.

The potency of AVB also depends on how long the original cannabis was vaped for. Also key is the temperature setting that was used. If you vape at medium temperatures, your AVB weed will still have a lot of cannabinoids left. Vaping at high temperatures will leave dark colored ABV that isn't as potent.

The strength of AVB caps will vary based on how much ABV you fit in each capsule, and what size you choose. If you were able to use a coffee grinder, and filled a size 000 capsule, you are going to have a significantly stronger capsule.

How long does it take for ABV capsules to kick in?

The effects of already vaped bud can take a while to fully kick in, sometimes even hours. It's just like any edible in this regard. So if you've just filled a new batch of AVB caps, be careful when consuming them for the first time.

Experiment with a small amount and test how your ABV affects you. This will give you a better idea of the strength of each dose, how long they last, and how long they take to start working.


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How to Get Best Effects from Already Vaped Bud

You get the best results from AVB capsules when you have consistent leftover herb. If your dry herb vape is heating your cannabis unevenly, you'll end up with some pockets that are burnt, and others that weren't heated enough.

This will mean low-quality ABV caps: the burnt sections will have no THC or CBD left, and the unheated sections won't be decarboxylated.

Weed needs to be decarbed before it will work as an edible - and AVB capsules are technically edibles. Eating fresh cannabis will have almost no effect, and it's a waste.

Which portable vape is best for AVB?

Among portable dry herb vaporizers, the Furna delivers amazing, consistent sessions. It features precise temperature control and even heating, ensuring high-quality AVB to save for later. It also has the best battery life out there.

But what really sets Furna apart is its innovative swappable oven system. With most vapes, cleaning and reloading the chamber in between sessions can be a pain, especially when you're on the move. Or if you're having a session with a large group and you just want to keep going.

With Furna you can fill multiple ovens at once, and then when one is finished, you can instantly swap the used oven for the fresh one. It makes portable vaping more convenient than ever before.

It's a system that also makes it easier to maintain and keep your vaporizer clean. Meaning over the long-term, you'll have stronger, better-quality vapor, and stronger, better-quality AVB for making capsules. Check out the Furna dry herb vaporizer today.


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