A cannabis plant in the dark.

How Dark Should AVB Be?

A cannabis plant in the dark.


Already vaped bud, or AVB, is what's left over when you're done vaping using a dry herb vaporizer. There's still cannabinoids like THC and CBD left in the vaped herb, and you should save AVB for later in a mason jar or airtight container.

AVB is also known as already been vaped (ABV) bud - cannabis folks couldn't decide on just one name. So we'll switch between using both AVB and ABV.

You can never be exactly sure how strong already vaped bud will be, but its color is probably your best indicator.

Still, when trying a new batch of ABV, you should always start slow. The effects can be strong and take hours to fully kick in, so it's best to be cautious.

In general, the lighter the color of your AVB, the stronger it will be. And if it's too dark, you shouldn't bother using it. But how do you know if your ABV is too dark?


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The Color of AVB (Already Vaped Bud)

ABV will look different depending on the strain, how long you vaped it for, and at what temperature. The range of colors of AVB is usually from yellowish-green to dark brown and black.

If you vaporize your cannabis strains at high temperatures for long sessions, it's going to be much darker. If you vape at moderate or low heat and don't squeeze every last drop of vapor out of your weed, then your AVB will be more on the light brown/yellowish end of the spectrum.

Some areas might be lighter than others: if there's a big difference between sections, that could be a sign your vape isn't working efficiently. You might need to clean your vaporizer, or grind your marijuana more finely before vaping it.

Also, keep in mind that different dry herb vapes each cook cannabis slightly differently, so there will be some variation in color. Once you've tried the AVB your vape produces, you'll have a better sense of how the strength of your ABV corresponds to its color.


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AVB Dark Brown? Still Good To Use!

Can already vaped bud get too dark? Absolutely. If you vape at maximum temperatures for really long periods of time, your ABV will turn black.

It's probably still safe to use black AVB, but it will taste pretty darn bad, and it'll be so weak it won't be worth it. Dark brown AVB is a completely different story though.

Even though dark brown ABV is weaker than light brown or yellowish AVB, it still is totally usable. It will taste more bitter, and you'll need more of it to achieve the effects you're looking for, but it's definitely still worth using.

Since it won't taste great, you'll probably want to mask the flavor of dark AVB, especially if you're eating it straight.

The peanut butter sandwich method

A tried and true method of disguising the taste is sprinkling AVB on a sandwich with a really flavorful spread. Nutella and peanut butter are the two most popular options, but you can be creative.

Mixing ABV with food like ice cream and yogurt also works well. You can also sprinkle it in your coffee or tea. You can even fill AVB capsules you can swallow. That way you don't have to taste it at all.


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Water Curing ABV to Improve the Taste

If you're willing to put in some extra effort, you can take steps to improve the taste of dark AVB in a big way. If you want to get your ABV weed flavorless, all you need is some water and some patience.

Water curing will also improve the taste of any ABV-infused cannabutter or coconut oil you make for cooking. Then your edibles recipes can work their magic without any bitter AVB taste.

The process is simple enough: just get some cheesecloth and cut off a big piece that can contain all of your AVB. Put all your vaporized herbs in the cheesecloth, then wrap it up tight, so that it looks like a giant tea bag.

You might want to wrap it in a second piece of cheesecloth if it looks like any little bits of ABV might escape the bag.

Put your cheesecloth into a big bowl filled with room temperature water. And let it soak there for a few hours. You'll see the color of the water begin to change.

Better tasting AVB cannabis without losing potency

Every few hours, drain the dirty water and add fresh room temperature water. Every cycle you do will improve the taste - you can do this for a few days, up to a week.

You'd think soaking your vaped cannabis in water would ruin the cannabinoids inside, but THC and CBD aren't water soluble. All you're losing is the toasted/slightly burnt plant material, that is, the parts that don't taste good.

And remember, THC and CBD are fat soluble, so it's a good idea to have some fatty food when you're eating already vaped bud.

When you're done, drain your bag of AVB as fully as possible. If you're going to use it right away, go for it! If you want to store it longer, dry it out in your oven for 1-2 hours so that it won't get moldy. Use a low heat of about 200° F (95° C) - you don't want to go too hot or you'll start wasting cannabinoids.


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Choosing a Dry Herb Vaporizer for Better ABV

To get high quality AVB, make sure your vaporizer is able to heat your cannabis evenly. Lower quality vapes will have poor airflow and heat your herb unevenly, and some of the weed might burn. Not only will the vapor quality be bad, but the leftover AVB won't be consistent.

The overcooked parts will be weak and taste bad, while the undercooked parts might not even be decarboxylated. Just a reminder: you can't eat fresh cannabis flower. And if your herb isn't decarbed by the vaporizing process, then the AVB will have little or no effect.

Vaping should be consistent and make efficient use of your bud. The Furna vaporizer has precise temperature control, delivers amazing vapor, and consistently potent AVB.

Furna also features a swappable oven system, making it simple to swap a used oven for a fresh one. You can load up multiple ovens before leaving the house, making it extra easy to reload on the go. Or to keep a session with friends going, without having to take a break to empty, clean, and reload.

With optional concentrate ovens and 510 oil cartridge ovens, it's always simple to get the exact vape session you're looking for, with no mess and maximum convenience. Check out the Furna dry herb vape today.


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