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Versatile Vape

I have a number of vapes and U like my FURNA best. I use both herb and concentrate so FURNA covers both. would recommend this vape to anyone.

Michael S - Kingston, Canada

Furna Vaporizer with 1 Concentrate Oven

Furna Vaporizer with 1 Concentrate Oven

Get the best in concentrate with the Furna Vaporizer. This version comes with the main vaporizer body, 1 concentrate oven and everything you need to get started. Pre-load the oven before you go so you don't have to mess with sticky concentrate while you're out. Incredibly smooth and flavourful vapor, and outstanding heating control. Want a dry herb oven too? We've got you covered! This vaporizer is completely compatible with your dry herb oven (sold separately) and swaps instantly. It takes seconds to swap pre-packed ovens allowing you to switch flavors when you want, and share the experience wherever you are. No hassle to clean, no problem to keep discreet. When you're ready to go, flip the oven to keep your mouthpiece completely protected from pocket lint. Comes with 1 concentrate oven and all the accessories you need.


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Furna Vaporizer Body

1 Concentrate Oven

USB Cord


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