Sticker Wrap Collaborations

Furna is teaming up with Local and international artists and designers to bring more customization to your Vaporizer.  This first collaboration brings Stephanie Scott, Pia Braza, and Jon Kutt (High Road Design). Available while supplies last! 


Pia Braza 

Entirely self-taught, Pia's appreciation with minimalism and simple lines has led her to where she is with her art today. Her work is focused on digital mediums, but also works on acrylics paintings at her studio at KW Artists Co-op. She has been focused on subjects that inspire her including local landmarks, as well as music. Recently, she contributed to City of Kitchener’s  The Beasting and Explore Waterloo’s Art Fresco project, and was featured at an online exhibit called “Intersections” at Homer Watson House and Gallery.

Instagram, Facebook or Twiter: @piabraza

Stephanie Scott

Stephanie Scott is an Illustrator & Designer specializing in murals and environmental branding. With an education in fine art and graphic design, her work unifies her skills in both traditional and digital media. She approaches each project with a fresh perspective, viewing it as an opportunity to learn and create something new. Stephanie works closely with clients to create designs that are custom tailored to them, and feel like an extension of their brand. Each project calls for a particular solution, and as such, each piece she creates is a little bit different.

Instagram: @sstephaniesscott

High Road Design

Jon is an experienced Senior Graphic Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in Graphics, Logo Design, Integrated Marketing, Advertising, and Typography with a focus on Presentations, Accessibility, Infographics and Icon Systems. High Road Design has been producing content for influential brands like Naked and Famous, Riverside, and more.  

Instagram: @the_high_road_design

Get a Sticker Pack Free with the Purchase of a Furna Vaporizer  

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