PAX 3, Crafty, IQ2 vs Furna Vape Comparison

Comparing Furna to three other popular dry herb vaporizers, based on seven criteria.

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Works with dry herb

Furna, PAX 3 and Crafty+ use a high quality stainless steel oven, and the IQ2 uses a ceramic oven. They all work exceptionally well for dry herb.

Quick swap ovens

Swappable ovens are something new in a portable vaporizer. Switch between a finished oven and a fresh one, or between dry herb and concentrate, instantly, no waiting. You can also pre-pack your ovens before leaving the house. Making it easy to reload your vape when you’re on the go.

Check out oven swapping in action

Works with concentrates

Furna is better at vaping concentrates than other dry herb vapes. In our concentrate oven, cannabis concentrates sit right on the ceramic plate, meaning super fast vaporization. The PAX 3 and IQ2 use inserts, lacking the direct contact you want in a concentrate vaporizer. The Crafty+ can't vape concentrates.

Works with 510 oil cart

Furna can even use 510 oil cartridges with its specialized 510 oil oven, giving you three options in a single portable dry herb vaporizer. Just screw any 510 oil cartridge into the oven, and choose a wattage that works best for your cart.

Sessions per charge

We’ve optimized Furna’s battery usage, making it as efficient as possible. It has the best battery life out of these four portable vapes. It delivers far more sessions than the PAX 3, IQ2, or Crafty+ on a single charge.

Protected mouthpiece

Furna keeps your portable vape mouthpiece clean while it’s in your pocket, bag, or purse. Simply flip the vaporizer oven around to protect it from lint and debris for better vapor quality compared with other portable vaporizers.


Customize the color of the mouthpiece, so you can tell which oven is which. Keep track of which cannabis strain is in which oven, and which ones you’ve already used. You can also give each oven a custom icon, which appears on the vape display when you use it.