A sign saying "Caution: Cleaning in Progress" on a hard floor.

Are Dry Herb Vapes Hard To Clean?

A sign saying "Caution: Cleaning in Progress" on a hard floor.


There's no question that dry herb vaporizers are awesome devices. They have a bunch of benefits, including tastier hits and getting stronger effects out of your cannabis. Not to mention they're easier on your lungs and don't smell as bad as smoking weed.

But are there drawbacks to a dry herb vape? Because sometimes a device is fun at first, but then it turns out that maintaining it is a real hassle, and you wish you'd have never bought it.

And maybe you've had the experience of being handed a dry herb vaporizer and it didn't work very well. It didn't get you much THC or CBD effects, and it tasted kind of terrible. So what's the deal? Is it hard to keep a dry herb vape clean?


Furna dry herb vapes with pre-packable ovens

Cleaning Your Dry Herb Vaporizer

Okay, cleaning is always going to be a bit of a chore, no matter what kind of cleaning we’re talking about, maintenance is never exactly fun. But it's easy to get motivated to clean a dry herb vape, because you get such a fun immediate reward. Better vapor.

How often you need to clean a dry herb vape depends on how often you use it. As you vape cannabis, vaporized residue will remain stuck to parts of the vaporizer that make sure you get quality pulls. The oven, mouthpiece, and anywhere else along the vapor path can become coated in gunky buildup.

As the residue adds up, it starts ruining the flavor of your bud. It can stick to the sides of your herb chamber and keep your vaporizer from heating your cannabis evenly.

The good news is you can keep the cleaning required to a minimum if you give your vape a quick clean after every time you use it. Just tap out the leftover weed, and give the herb chamber a quick scrub with the cleaning brush that should have been included with your vaporizer.

By the way, be sure to save that vaped cannabis. AVB, or already vaped bud, is useful for all kinds of things. One of the many benefits of dry herb vaporizers!


A row of mops or cleaning brushes against a wall.

Isopropyl alcohol and more thorough cleaning

For most dry herb vaporizers, the cleaning process is similar. But definitely consult your instruction manual to make sure what the right method is for your vaporizer.

Doing a deep clean on a regular basis will give you stronger, more satisfying vapor from your dry herb vaporizer. The first time you deep clean your vape, it might be a bit unfamiliar, but every time after that, a cleaning session should only take about 5 minutes.

Generally, you'll be taking a cleaning solution, usually isopropyl alcohol, and using a small cleaning brush, q tip or cotton swab to clean the individual parts. So that means disassembling your unit (wait for it to cool down first).

Usually the heating chamber itself should not be soaked, but you'll probably want to use one of the cleaning tools to scrub the vaporizer's chamber to get rid of the residue. Other parts, like the mouthpiece, screens, or glass parts, are likely safe to soak in isopropyl alcohol for a short amount of time.

Afterwards, wipe the alcohol off the parts and rinse in warm water. You probably don't want to rinse the oven, check your manual to find out the exact process.

Easy to Clean Dry Herb Vaporizers

Not every dry herb vaporizer is easy to clean. Older devices often weren't built with easy cleaning in mind. And the average dry herb vaporizer pen is very narrow and can be hard to clean.

In general, the cheapest vapes will cut some corners, and this can come in many forms. It could mean the materials used to build the vape, weaker vapor production, or lower battery life. Or it could also mean that they're difficult to clean. So when researching a potential vaporizer purchase, make sure you look into how to clean it and whether people are complaining about that.


Person vaping a portable dry herb vaporizer by the water.

A portable dry herb vape with more options

The Furna vaporizer features multiple ovens, which gives you a lot more control over when to clean your vape. With Furna, you get more than one oven for your dry herb. Which means you could use one while cleaning the other.

The swappable ovens themselves are an awesome and unique feature in a portable dry herb vaporizer. Whenever one oven is finished, you can swap it out for a fresh one, instantly. It makes it a more convenient portable option, because you can pre-pack your bowls and avoid awkward reloading situations.

You can also keep sessions going longer with no waiting. There are even specialized ovens available for cannabis concentrate and 510 oil ovens, giving you even more options in a single device. Have a look at Furna and see what you think for yourself.


Furna vaporizers with swappable ovens

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