A french press on a table beside a chair and a window.

Water Cure ABV with a French Press

A french press on a table beside a chair and a window.


If you're looking to improve the taste of your already vaped bud (AVB or ABV for short), water curing is your best bet.

If you don't need to use your vaped herb right away, and have some time on your hands, water curing will transform the flavor of your AVB from bitter to flavorless.

Once your ABV is water cured, it will taste better whatever way you plan to use it. Whether that's in recipes after making cannabutter, eating AVB in a peanut butter sandwich, or even smoking it.

The most popular water curing method involves using cheesecloth.

You wrap your AVB in a giant tea bag made of cheesecloth, and soak it in a large bowl of room temperature water. Then, change the water every few hours and replace it with fresh water.

Read our guide on how to water cure ABV for the full instructions.

Alternative to Cheesecloth: Use a French Press

But not everyone has cheesecloth, and using a large bowl can take up a lot of space. If you've got a french press and don't mind it being unavailable for coffee or tea for a few days, it can be an even more convenient method than cheesecloth.

With the cheesecloth method, you usually have to double wrap your bags of AVB, to make sure that no vaped bud escapes.

A french press is more self-contained than a bowl with cheesecloth bags. For one thing, it's easier to pour out the dirty water without losing any of the AVB itself. And of course, it's simple to add new water.

French presses also have the advantage of having a built-in plunger, so it's easy to squeeze out the excess water from your ABV every time you change the water.


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Water curing with a tea strainer

You're not limited to using a french press either. Lots of strainers can do the trick, but one with a fine mesh is best so that you don't lose any pieces of AVB.

Which method you use can be entirely based on your personal preference. Ultimately, you might be restricted by how much ABV you want to water cure.

If you're water curing a large amount of AVB, it might not all fit in your french press, in which case the cheesecloth method is the better bet.

And if you're dealing with a pretty small amount of vaped weed, a small mesh strainer might be all you need.


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Water Cured AVB with a French Press

To water cure with a french press, just put your ABV in the press, then add lukewarm or room temperature water. Don’t add hot water!

Let the AVB sit and soak for several hours. You'll see the color of the water begin to change and get darker. After a few hours, push down on the plunger, and squeeze as much water as you can out of the AVB.

When you're done with water curing, clean your french press thoroughly so that the flavor won't linger and affect your hot drinks.

The water cure process

Each french press has its own quirks, so be careful not to press down too hard. You don't want ABV to be able to escape into the wastewater. Once you've trapped the wet AVB under the plunger, pour out the water.

Then, begin the process again with some fresh lukewarm water. You can do this as many times as you like, for a few days, or up to a week. Every time you water cure AVB, you're improving its flavor, so the longer you do it, the better it will taste.

Whenever you decide to stop repeating the process, your water cured AVB is ready to use. 

If you want to save it for another time, dry it out in your oven so it doesn't get moldy. Just make sure you use a low heat - you want to dry your AVB, but without releasing the THC and CBD inside.

Does water curing make ABV weaker?

You don't have to worry about losing cannabinoids (like THC and CBD) when water curing AVB. Cannabinoids aren't water soluble, so they won't wash away when you soak your AVB in water.

The strength of your AVB will be based on the strength of the cannabis you started with, and how you vaped the weed for in your dry herb vaporizer.

If the vaping session was at a high heat, the resulting AVB will be browner and weaker. If it was vaporized at a low heat, it will be stronger and lighter in color.


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Dry Herb Vaporizer Settings for AVB

If you want more powerful already vaped bud, use moderate heat settings when using your dry herb vape. Your session will taste better, and you'll end up with more potent ABV that's also less bitter.

You should also grind your cannabis flower before vaping. This will give you better airflow and allow the weed to be heated more evenly.

Not all dry herb vaporizers are created equally, so be sure to use a high-quality vape with precise temperature control and excellent airflow.

This will let you control your sessions better, giving you stronger vapor as well as more precise and consistent AVB. Some vapes are easier to clean than others, and that will also affect airflow.

Better airflow means better vaping experiences

The Furna vaporizer produces high quality vapor and consistent experiences. It also has a game-changing feature in a portable vape: swappable ovens.

You can load up multiple ovens at once, and then instantly swap a used one for a fresh one. There are even ovens for cannabis concentrate and 510 oil cartridges, so you can easily make use of these options without the messy inserts you'll find with other dry herb vaporizers.

With Furna, it's easier to keep your vape clean, to stay discreet when reloading your vaporizer, and to produce excellent vapor and AVB experiences. Check out Furna's dry herb vape today.


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