How to Make AVB Hot Chocolate

How to Make AVB Hot Chocolate

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As the colder months approach, and you're looking for a way to keep warm and toasty, nothing beats a hot cocoa on a cold winter's day. Except for maybe AVB hot chocolate!

Already vaped bud (AVB or ABV) is the vaporized weed left over after using a dry herb vaporizer. It still has some cannabinoids (THC and CBD) left in it, so you should be saving it after every session. Just store AVB in an airtight jar and save it for later use.

Making recipes with already vaped bud

There are many things you can do with ABV. You can make cannabis butter or coconut oil for edibles, so you can make cookies using your favorite recipe. Just swap the regular butter for AVB weed butter, or oil for ABV coconut oil, in your recipes of choice.

You can even eat it straight, but AVB isn't exactly super tasty.

Another equally easy thing you can do is sprinkle it into your mug of coffee or tea. Both are popular choices, but don't forget about hot chocolate!

AVB hot cocoa can be an even tastier way to enjoy your already vaped bud, with even more delicious flavors covering up the ABV taste. Not everyone hates the flavor, but it can be a bit bitter.


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AVB Hot Cocoa: Delicious and Potent

When eating or drinking ABV, you want to consume it with something fatty. Cannabinoids like THC and CBD bind to fats, so you'll get stronger effects, and faster.

This makes hot chocolate a perfect fit for an AVB beverage. You might not want to have whole milk or high-fat dairy alternatives in something like green tea, but for a dessert drink like hot cocoa, it's a natural choice.

We've got an article all about tea if you want to learn how to make AVB tea.

You can't brew your hot chocolate using only water though. Cannabinoids aren't water soluble, so you'll get a very weak hot cocoa, and waste your AVB.

Can you use hot chocolate mix with ABV?

There's no limit to your options when making AVB weed hot chocolate. You can follow any recipe you want, really, and add your already vaped bud at the appropriate time.

So using cocoa mix is an easy and quick way to get a cup of special cocoa in your hands, stat.

The key thing to keep in mind is that you'll want to make sure there is some kind of fat or cream in your recipe. Some hot chocolate mixes have dairy and fat in them, while others don't. Even if yours does, you’ll want to make sure you're adding more fatty content.

Whole milk works best, or even butter if you're in a pinch. For vegan or non-dairy AVB cocoa fans, use a fatty style of soy, almond, or coconut milk. Some brands have a "barista-style" that is more like cream, which will work best to unlock the THC in your AVB weed.


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Making ABV Hot Chocolate

Here's what you'll need to prepare AVB hot chocolate:

  • already vaped bud (AVB or ABV)
  • hot chocolate mix
  • milk or non-dairy milk alternative (barista-style soy and oat milk work great)
  • sugar (optional)
  • saucepan or small pot
  • coffee filter or cheesecloth (optional)
  • coffee cup or mug

Before you start the process, it's worth grinding up your AVB so that it's as fine as possible. This will create more surface area to interact with the hot milk, making it easier to infuse your hot chocolate with THC and CBD and make it stronger. You can use a coffee grinder if you have one.

Now, heat up your milk. You can do this in a saucepan on your stovetop, or just by heating it up directly in the mug in your microwave.


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How long to let AVB weed steep

Heat your milk until it has reached a light boil - don't let it fully boil.

Now it's time to add the AVB. The strength of already vaped bud varies according to the original cannabis strain, and how heavily it was vaped. Longer sessions at higher temperatures will mean weaker ABV.

AVB can be strong and take hours to kick in, so be cautious with your dosage level. Half a gram is probably a good amount for most people, but start with less if you want to test out how it works for you.

Add your AVB into your saucepan or mug of milk. You're going to let it sit and steep for a while. 15-30 minutes is a good amount of time for the milk to become fully infused with cannabinoids.

If you're using a lot of AVB, stir it occasionally to expose more areas of bud.

Drink your ABV hot cocoa

The last step is pouring the mixture from the saucepan into a mug. Use the coffee filter or cheesecloth as a strainer to filter out the leftover AVB. You'll be left with a tasty-looking hot drink with some fun side effects.

If you made your hot chocolate in a mug, you can pour it into another container through a strainer. Or you can just drink the AVB dregs!

Your cannabis cocoa drink will only be stronger if you consume all the ABV bud itself. Also, if you finely grind your AVB, the bitter taste should disappear into the general chocolate deliciousness.

Once you’ve got your infused milk in a mug, add in the hot chocolate mix and stir thoroughly. If it’s cooled down, you can reheat it a bit in the microwave for maximum toastiness.


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How to Vape Cannabis to Get the Best AVB

Vaping won't always produce amazing AVB. You want a dry herb vaporizer that has precise temperature control and great airflow. You want ABV that is consistent, meaning you want your cannabis to be evenly heated when you vape it.

Really you want these things in general - otherwise your sessions will be weaker and you won't be making efficient use of your herb. And you need to clean and maintain your vape regularly, otherwise your airflow will be poor and you'll waste weed and get weak ABV.

The Furna vaporizer has precise temperature settings, a top-grade vapor pathway, and is easy to clean, unlike most dry herb vapes. It also features swappable ovens, a game-changing feature that makes your vape more portable and convenient than ever before.

There are also specialized concentrate and 510 cartridge ovens, making it an extremely versatile device. Check out Furna vaporizers to learn more.


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