Cannabis leaves and capsules on a blue background.

How to Make AVB Capsules

Cannabis leaves and capsules on a blue background.


One of the many benefits of using a dry herb vaporizer is that you can still use the leftover cannabis from a vaping session. Vaped herb still has cannabinoids (like THC and CBD) left inside it, and it's a waste to just throw it away.

Instead, save it! There are a ton of fun uses for already vaped bud - AVB or ABV for short.

Some people make AVB butter for use in edibles, while others add it to coffee or tea. Some just straight up eat it in a sandwich, no recipe needed. Unlike fresh cannabis, it will actually have effects if you eat it because the THC inside has been activated (technically, decarboxylated) by the vaping process.

In this article, we'll look at another method of using AVB: making your own ABV capsules, or "caps". They're easy to make, and very discreet to use.


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Prepare Already Vaped Bud (AVB) Dosage for Capsules

Before getting started, make sure you're storing your AVB properly. An airtight container like a mason jar is best. If you're going to store it for long periods of time, you should also look at humidity control.

You can guess how strong the AVB is based on its color: yellowish and light brown will have more THC and CBD left than dark brown herb. The longer you vaporize cannabis, and the higher the temperature, the darker the color will be.

If you want your ABV to be stronger, simply use your vape at lower temperatures and don't push your sessions to the limit. That will leave more cannabinoids for AVB, and also result in less of a burnt and bitter flavor when eating it.

Although, when it comes to ABV capsules, the taste doesn't really matter much. Because you're just tossing it down the hatch, you don't have to taste the AVB flavor, which doesn't appeal to everyone.

Choose capsule size and grind ABV

You'll need some empty gelatin capsules, which are available cheap in bulk. Size 00 capsules are the most popular choice, but go with Size 0 caps if you want a smaller size.

You can get a filling machine to help with the process, which comes in handy if you're making a lot of caps. Otherwise, a small funnel is all you need to get the AVB into the capsule.

You might also want to grind up your ABV further, if it wasn't well-ground already. You can even use a coffee grinder to get the AVB extra fine. This way you'll be able to fit more already vaped bud into every capsule, if you want more potency.


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Fill a Capsule with Already Been Vaped (ABV) Weed

How much AVB you put into each capsule is entirely up to your taste. You can use a skinny tool to help you pack the ABV quite densely inside each capsule. If you pack more vaped cannabis inside, each capsule will be stronger - you can decide your own dosage.

It's difficult to know exactly how strong your AVB capsules are going to be before you've tried them, so be cautious when having your first capsule. The strength of an ABV capsule will be based on the cannabis strains you originally vaped, and how heavily you vaped them.

The remaining cannabinoids in AVB are usually 10-25% of what was originally in the strain of cannabis flower. If you really hit your vape hard and squeezed every last drop of THC out of your weed, it's probably more like 5%.

Choosing the right dosage with AVB weed capsules

Like most homemade edibles, the effects of already vaped bud capsules can be tough to predict. They can take a while, even hours, to kick in. And they last for a longer time than other methods of consuming cannabis.

It's definitely a good idea to consume some food with a bit of fat or oil when you swallow a capsule. This will help the effects kick in sooner.

Because the dose can be unpredictable, it's best to go slowly and carefully. Start low and slow, with just one capsule and see how strong it is, and don't pack it too densely. Once you have an idea of how it affected you, and how many hours it lasted, you'll know the right dose for you.


A spoon with a piece of coconut in a dish of coconut oil, beside a coconut sliced in half.

Using AVB Coconut Oil

You can use AVB in any form inside a capsule. But one of the more popular methods is putting ABV coconut oil into caps.

To make AVB coconut oil, combine ABV and melted coconut oil inside a mason jar. Cover the AVB completely. Then put the mix into a crockpot or double boiler. Keep it at a low heat, and don't let it boil. Heat the mixture for three hours or so, and shake it up every so often.

Then filter out the AVB using cheesecloth, and your cannabis oil is ready for weed-infused recipes or capsules.

Adding cannabis oil to AVB caps

Make sure the capsules you buy are suitable for filling with oil, otherwise you'll have a mess on your hands, and waste your cannabis.

Getting the oil inside the capsules is a pretty straightforward process. If the coconut oil is already solid, warm it up slightly so it's melted and easier to work with. Then, fill the caps using a syringe or eyedropper.

Because they've already got fat in them, you won't need to eat any fatty foods with these capsules.

You can also combine cannabis oils with ABV in the same capsule - it's completely up to you. But these caps will be even more potent, so be sure to go slowly and with small amounts to see how they affect you.


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Choosing a Dry Herb Vaporizer for AVB

Already vaped bud is created by vaping using a dry herb vape, but not every vaporizer is created equal. Lower-end vaporizers do a bad job of maintaining a precise temperature, meaning some parts of your herb will be cooked more than others. This means less potent effects when vaping, and less efficient use of your cannabis.

But it's also bad news for AVB. If any part of the herb wasn't vaped enough, it'll still be green and not decarboxylated. Meaning eating this AVB would be the same as ingesting fresh cannabis - meaning no effects. Any overcooked weed will have almost no cannabinoids left, and practically no THC.

To fully take advantage of all the benefits of dry herb vaping, including already vaped bud, you want a high quality vaporizer that doesn't cut corners. Money spent on a better vape will, over time, mean money saved through more efficient vaping of your cannabis.

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