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How Long Does It Take to Water Cure AVB?

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Already vaped bud, also called AVB and ABV, is the cannabis that's left over after you use a dry herb vaporizer. Vaped weed can be used in a variety of ways, including making it into cannabutter or coconut oil for recipes. You can also eat it straight, or drop it into a cup of tea.

But ABV isn't the tastiest of substances. You can mask the taste with a flavorful spread like peanut butter or Nutella. Or ice cream, yogurt, or any other foods you can think of.

There's also another solution: you can actually make your AVB taste better, by putting it through a process called water curing.

What is water curing and how does it work?

Water curing involves soaking already vaped bud in room temperature water, and filtering out the dirty water using cheesecloth or a strainer. Then you add fresh water, and repeat the process over and over.

Every time you do it, the taste of the ABV gets better and better, by becoming more flavorless over time. If you're interested in a fuller explanation, check out our complete guide to water curing AVB.

But how long should you water cure your already vaped bud for? And how many times should you repeat the process?

There are a few factors to consider, but the short answer is any amount of water curing will have a positive effect on the flavor. And somewhere between a few days and a week will result in the best possible taste.


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How Much Time to Water Cure Already Vaped Bud

It might seem counterintuitive to dunk your vaporized bud in water, but water curing doesn't mess with the THC and CBD in your herb. Cannabinoids aren't water soluble, so your AVB will keep its potency through the process.

Any amount of water curing will help, so even an hour or two will improve the taste of your ABV somewhat. But if your goal is the best possible flavor to have better tasting edibles, you'll want to do it for a lot longer.

You should water cure AVB for at least one full day to achieve significant changes in the flavor. Change the water every few hours. You'll notice that over time it takes longer for the water to become dark.

If you have a lot of patience, repeat the process for longer! It's just replacing water every few hours, it's not that much work. You'll get the best-possible tasting AVB if you water cure it for a whole week.


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When to stop water curing ABV

At a certain point keeping your AVB herb submerged in water will result in mold, so going longer than a week is not a good idea. If you want to keep going, keep a close eye on it to see if there's any indication of a mold problem beginning.

So ultimately the answer of when to stop the water curing process is completely up to you. If you're eager to use your AVB, and don't mind the taste that much, water curing it once or twice before you consume it will still make it tastier.

If you've got a bit more time, one full day is a great option to be able to use your AVB relatively soon, but still significantly improve the flavor. And if you don't need your ABV anytime soon, doing it for 4 or 5 days could be the sweet spot, in terms of effort.

You’ll get diminishing returns at a certain point. The difference between day 5 and 6 of the water curing process isn't going to be as much as the difference between days 1 and 2. But if you want the most neutral possible taste for your AVB, go a full week.


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What To Do With Water Cured AVB Weed

When you've decided to stop with the water curing process, squeeze out as much water as possible from the water cured ABV.

If you're planning to use your AVB right away, for example in a recipe, you don't have to do anything else. But if you're going to store it for longer, you need to dry it out a bit so that your already vaped bud doesn't get moldy.

Put it onto a baking tray or pan, or in a casserole dish, into a preheated oven set to 200° F (95° C). Use the center rack. Don't turn up the heat higher, or you might lose some cannabinoids. You just want to dry it out a bit.

Now you can store it for later. You can use the AVB for whatever you'd like now and it'll taste better.

Recipes, cannabutter, coconut oil, even smoking ABV: it will all taste better now that it's been water cured.

Best dry herb vaporizers for better ABV cannabis

Already vaped bud can surprise you a bit with its strength. Sometimes it's a bit too weak, sometimes it's a bit too strong. For more consistent AVB, you want a vaporizer that heats your herb evenly, and to a precisely controlled temperature.

In general it's a good idea to have a high quality dry herb vaporizer anyways, because it will get you higher quality vapor every session. You'll get more mileage out of your weed, and your leftover vaped bud will be of better quality too.

For a portable dry herb vape that delivers amazing vapor and consistent ABV, check out Furna, a vaporizer that also features oven swapping technology.

With Furna, you get multiple ovens, which can instantly be swapped one for another. So you can load them up in advance of a session if you want.

This means it's easier to reload your vape while you're on the go, and easier to keep sessions with groups going longer, without any interruption. There are also concentrate ovens and 510 oil cart ovens to give you maximum options. Check out the Furna dry herb vape today.


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