A cup of loose leaf green tea being poured from a french press.

Can You Vape Tea?

A cup of loose leaf green tea being poured from a french press.


Most people know that using dry herb vaporizers are a great alternative to smoking cannabis. But many don't know that marijuana isn't the only herb you can vaporize. There are many other dry herbs you can vape that can help you relax, energize you, or relieve pain and anxiety.

Many plants and herbs used in hot beverages are also usable in vaporizers. For example, you can even vape coffee beans! They'll give you an energizing boost of caffeine and have the delicious smell and taste of coffee.

But vaping tea is where it's really at, if you want a variety of flavors and benefits. Many herbal teas have enjoyable benefits for anxiety, as well as delicious flavor. Black and green tea also make for fun, caffeinated teas to vape. So if you enjoy drinking tea, why not try vaping it?

Vaping tea with a dry herb vaporizer couldn't be simpler. Just put the leaves in the chamber of your vape, packing it snugly but not too tightly. And without overfilling it.

You'll get a better taste with fresh loose leaf tea, but you can also open up a tea bag and spill out its contents. Keep in mind that you might not want to vaporize everything that's in a tea that you would drink. Especially if it's a flavored blend containing oils. These oils can leave a film in your vaporizer and be harder to clean out.

Also, many people prefer buying organic tea for vaping. They argue that all the ingredients will be safer to inhale, in case you have any concerns about pesticides used in cultivation.


Spoons filled with loose leaf black tea and green tea.

Green tea vs black tea

Vaporizing both green tea and black tea will give you a caffeine kick, but black tea is the stronger of the two. Set your vaporizer to 365°F (185°C) and you should hit the sweet spot of releasing the caffeine into vapor without burning the leaves.

Most people seem to prefer vaping green tea: it has a lighter, leafier flavor. And it's a bit more calm than vaping black tea.

Why would someone vape tea in the first place? For starters, it's faster than boiling water, steeping leaves or a teabag, then waiting for it to cool down to drink it. The effects hit even faster because the ingredients are hitting your lungs instead of your stomach. But also, it's just fun!

There's a world of possibilities beyond just black or green tea. You can also combine tea with cannabis, or with an ingredient that you might use in herbal teas. Just keep in mind that you'll want to choose a combination of herbs that vaporize at similar temperatures.


Furna dry herb vaporizer


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Vaping Herbal Teas

If you want to vape tea without caffeine, there are plenty of delicious and healthy herbs out there to try. Most of the herbal teas you can drink can also be vaped. But it's better to use pure dried herbs on their own, instead of blends, which can be artificially flavored. You might not want to vaporize everything in the average blend from the store.

Lavender is a wonderful herb for relaxation. Peppermint and spearmint help with digestion, and have a very refreshing flavor. Vaporizing chamomile helps with sleeping just as well as it does in a cup of tea.

Other herbs to try include eucalyptus, which helps strengthen the immune system. Or sage, which can help when you have a cold or indigestion. Lemon balm can ease headaches and muscle soreness.

If you're craving an energy boost without caffeine, vaporize yerba mate or ginseng.


A person vaporizing using a dry herb vape outside.

Vape tea at the right temperature

Each herb vaporizes at a slightly different temperature, so you'll want to make sure your vaporizer can accurately hit the right heat. The ideal temperature is hot enough to cause vaporization, but not so hot that the herb burns.

Of the herbs we mentioned, chamomile and lavender vaporize at the lowest temperature, and the same amount of heat: 257°F (125°C). When vaporizing eucalyptus go just a bit higher, to 266°F (130°C).

Lemon balm is best enjoyed at 288°F (142°C), and yerba mate at 302°F (150°C). For spearmint, set your vaporizer to 309°F (154°C).

Peppermint should be vaped at 338°F (170°C) Sage works best at 374°F (190°C), while ginseng vaporization happens at a hotter 392°F (200°C).

Dry Herb Vaporizers for Tea

As you can see, being able to control temperature is crucial to getting great experiences when vaping herbs. Not all vapes give you precise temperature control, especially among portable vaporizers.

Having a quality vaporizer is a good idea in general. Lower-end vapes tend to deliver weak vapor and waste your bud. If the vaporizer doesn't have an isolated airpath, you can also be breathing in plastic and metallic tastes from the device.

Besides messing with the smell and flavor of your herb blend, it also just isn't a good idea to inhale vapor that passes through electronic components.


Person vaping on a sofa outside.

A portable vaporizer with more options

When choosing a dry herb vaporizer, you might want to take more than weed into consideration. Make sure that your vape can operate at the right temperature range. Some brands like PAX have a high minimum temperature making it a worse choice for non-cannabis vaping.

Furna provides top-notch vapor and temperature control, but has an extra feature that makes it a more convenient portable vaporizer. Instead of having only one oven, with Furna you get multiple ovens, and you can swap one for another whenever you want.

You can pre-pack multiple bowls before you leave the house, letting you avoid cleaning and reloading when you're out and about. You can easily keep track of what type of herb is in which oven. They have colorful mouthpiece tips and icons that display when you pop them into the vape.

It's easier to keep your vaporizer clean when you have multiple ovens. Also, Furna also has ovens specially designed for concentrates and 510 oil cartridges, giving you all the options you could want in a single convenient device. Check out Furna and see how it works for yourself.


Furna dry herb vaporizer


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