Person smoking a joint outside.

Can You Use ABV in a Joint?

Person smoking a joint outside.


Already vaped bud, also called AVB or ABV for short, is what's left of your cannabis when you're done vaping it. You can save it for later, and it still has some cannabinoids (like THC and CBD) left in it.

If you're wondering if you can smoke AVB - the answer is yes! Smoking is one of the ways you can use your vaped bud.

Other methods include making cannabutter for use in edibles, sprinkling it in a peanut butter sandwich, or even creating ABV capsules.

But in this article, we'll focus on smoking your AVB in a joint: whether it's a good idea, and what you can expect.


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Smoking Vaped Weed with an ABV Joint

If you're looking to get the most possible potency out of your AVB, you may actually want to use it for edibles, and not for smoking at all. When you smoke, some of the cannabinoids will be burnt away and wasted.

But sometimes, a joint is the most convenient option, or it's just what you're in the mood for. In times like those, an AVB joint can be a great backup.

A few words of warning: do not expect your ABV joint to taste as good, or hit in the same way, as a joint made of fresh cannabis. When you vape, all the terpenes that gave the cannabis its flavor were vaporized. So it will taste bland, and possibly bitter.

And depending on the temperatures used in vaporization, parts of the herb may have been burnt, giving your ABV a burnt flavor. If it's a darker color like dark brown, you can expect it to be both weaker and taste worse.

Wait, so is smoking vaped bud bad?

Smoking ABV isn't that bad or gross: it's just not like smoking fresh marijuana. And it will definitely taste a lot worse if your herb was heavily vaped at high temperatures, so that's an important factor.

You can water cure your ABV to help improve the taste. The process takes a few days, but does remove a lot of the bitter flavors, and makes AVB more flavorless.

The high when you smoke ABV probably won't last as long. It will also likely have more of a "body high" feeling, similar to edibles, instead of the rush that you can get from smoking fresh bud.


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Fresh Weed vs AVB Weed

That said, just because it's not as potent or as good tasting doesn't mean there isn't a place for AVB when you're thinking about smoking weed.

Sometimes, you might want a joint that isn't very strong, and it helps to have an option that won't get you very high.

You can even mix fresh bud with ABV weed, to help you fill out a larger joint without making it too powerful to consume.

Some people add tobacco to help them roll a larger joint: but vaped weed can be an excellent option that avoids the use of tobacco.

Finally, if you're looking to save money but still want to smoke weed, smoking ABV can be a good option as well. It can help you stretch your supply further, and AVB is a decent substitute when you want to conserve your flower.

Smoking AVB in a bong

Smoking AVB weed in a pipe or bong follows the same principles as smoking it in a joint. As long as you don't expect it to taste great or be super-strong, smoking ABV weed can hit the spot.

And like with rolling joints, you can mix vaped weed with fresh weed to give yourself different strength options in your sessions. If your vaped bud is overtoasted, you might not want to mix it, and ruin the taste of your fresh herb.

Ultimately, how you smoke AVB is your call, and there's always water curing if you want to improve the taste.


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Vaporizers and Already Vaped Bud

Not every dry herb vaporizer produces the same quality AVB. If you've got a lower-end vape that doesn't have accurate temperature control, or good airflow, your cannabis is going to heat unevenly and mess with the consistency and strength of your ABV.

It's also important to grind your weed before you put it in your vape, and to clean your vaporizer regularly. Both these things will help with airflow, giving you stronger sessions, and more consistent already vaped bud.

The Furna vaporizer delivers amazing vapor (and AVB), and it also features an oven swapping system that gives you even more options and versatility.

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Portable vaporizers can be awkward to reload when you're on the move, especially if you're trying to be discreet.

Swappable ovens let you load up multiple ovens before leaving the house, then you can instantly swap one for another, whenever you want to switch. It saves time, and also makes it easy to keep long sessions with friends going.

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