How much should I spend on a dry herb vaporizer?

How much do I Spend on a Vaporizer?

More and more people are turning to dry herb vaporizers as their preferred way to consume cannabis. Compared with smoking, dry herb vapes are easier on the lungs, create less of an odor, and allow the flavor of the cannabis to come through more clearly. But are dry herb vaporizers really worth the price?

It’s easy to see why some people stick with smoking - rolling papers and pipes are cheap, while vaporizers can seem like a big expense. But in the long run, a dry herb vaporizer can help you save money on cannabis. Dry herb vapes allow you to get the most possible THC and/or CBD from your cannabis, meaning your bud lasts longer, since you don’t need as much per session. And if you so desire, you're even able to make further use of a session's leftovers, as ABV herb (already been vaped) can be used in all kinds of ways.

Still, there are many brands and styles of vaporizer, and it’s tough to know where to begin. The range of products out there is vast, and so is the different in price tags between the low end and the high end. It’s daunting!

A new Vaporizer that saves you time.

The Drawbacks of Low-end Vapes

As a general rule, below a certain price point, dry herb vaporizers will be of such low quality that they don’t deliver any of the benefits a vape is supposed to provide. It’s not worth getting something on the low end of the price spectrum - it won’t give you the effects you’re looking for, and you’ll want a better vaporizer in no time.

The key to getting the full effects from a dry herb vape is fine temperature control. When vaporizing, you’ll want to choose the temperature that works best for that particular strain, and you might want to target the temperature to unlock (or avoid) specific terpenes. Without even heat distribution and precise temperature control, you’ll end up scorching your herb or missing parts of the bowl. This will mean wasted herb, and a weaker effect than the one you were aiming for.

Another question you’ll want to ask yourself is whether you’re looking for a portable vape. The lower-end vapes tend to be more awkward to carry/store, have poor battery life, or be made out of low-quality materials. If you’re looking for a portable vape that won’t die on you in the middle of an excursion, or that won’t hold up to a bit of wear and tear, you’ll want to avoid a low-end vape.

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For maximum portability, you’ll want something like the Furna, which lets you pre-load multiple ovens so that it’s a breeze to reload your vaporizer (a major drawback for most portable vapes). Lower end vapes also tend to have smaller ovens, making it harder to share sessions with others. Finally, they can be very annoying to clean when compared with the higher-end vapes.

If your vaporizer isn’t able to maintain a correct temperature, is built from low-quality materials, and is annoying to clean and keep the airflow flowing correctly, you’re going to end up getting less of an effect from your herb. And you’ll end up spending more on cannabis because you’re not getting the efficiency benefits of a higher-end, well-maintained vaporizer.

Adequate Vaporizers - Almost there

Once you leave the bargain basement, you start finding vapes that provide most, but not all, of the features you’ll want in a vape. These vapes will get the job done if you’re in a pinch, and they usually deliver on the most important element: temperature control. Which, again, is key for getting the desired effects you’re looking for from cannabis, as well as getting your herb to stretch further.

Vapes in this budget price range tend to be more durable than the cheapest vapes, but are still made of parts that might not last long-term. They usually suffer from poor charge times, poor battery life, and are not easy or convenient to clean. Finally, they tend to be bulkier in terms of portability, a little less sleek in terms of design.

High-quality dry herb vaporizers

If you’re investing in a dry herb vaporizer, it makes sense to buy one that performs not just at an adequate level, but one that you’ll enjoy using over the long-term. Otherwise, you’ll soon find yourself wanting to replace it because the battery life sucks or it’s always gummed up because it’s too annoying to clean.

Lower-end vaporizers cut corners wherever possible, so things like quality construction and fast charge times often have to be sacrificed. None of the cheaper models can compare with the quality of vapor you’ll get with the higher-end vapes like Furna, Crafty+, Pax, and the IQ2. Although they cost more than other vapes on the market, these top vapes are worth the price. However, some of these vapes still have their weaknesses, so be sure to have a look at our in-depth looks into the Crafty+, Pax, and IQ2 to learn more.

If you’re planning on making use of cannabis concentrates like shatter and wax, you need to make sure your vape is able to do so. Some vapes only work with dry herb, and some let you use concentrates but require inserts which can be difficult to handle and require care.

Furna has a specialized concentrate oven available, meaning no fumbling around with hot or messy parts, making it the most convenient combo vape. Furna also makes use of a swappable oven system that makes reloading instantaneous and hassle-free. With other vapes, unless you use an accessory like a dosing pod, you’ll have to clean the oven in between each use, which might not always be convenient on the go.

Expensive vaporizers

The vapes discussed in the previous section are pretty top-notch in terms of delivering on everything you would want from a dry herb vaporizer. Beyond a certain price point, you’d only want to shell out if you’ve got a very specific need. For example, a classic expensive vape is Storz & Bickel’s Volcano. It’s a large desktop unit ideal for sharing with a group (and it’s not at all portable). It’s definitely pricey, but it can be worth it if that’s exactly the sort of thing you’re looking for.

A new Vaporizer that saves you time.


You get what you pay for

Even though it might not necessarily be worth it for you to spend big bucks on the Volcano, it definitely makes sense to invest in a quality dry herb vaporizer, instead of a trinket that won’t be effective or efficient with your herb. Buying a vape with proper temperature control is just the bare minimum - if you’re investing in a dry herb vape, you should get one that’s built to last, and that will serve your needs in the long term. And one whose battery won’t crap out on you after two sessions.

And if you’re looking for maximum portability, Furna’s swappable oven system is the ultimate in freedom for a portable vape. Reloading your vape on the go has never been easier or faster. And with concentrate ovens also available (and no messy or hot inserts required to use them), it’s the most versatile and convenient vape on the market. Learn more about Furna.